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Earplay Logo.

Earplay: Interactive Audio Stories iOS app

Part casual game, part interactive audiobook, Earplay is a new kind of immersive audio storytelling.
Transloc Transit app logo.

Transloc Transit App with Low Vision Students: O&M Lesson

Using Transloc Transit App with low vision students to identify a familiar or unfamiliar destination stop and pull chord to signal for bus to stop

Blindfold Games: 7 Tiny Words iOS App

Accessible version of Seven Little Words
OverTHERE app logo.

OverTHERE: Explore and Interact with the surrounding environment, iOS app

Want to know what is "over there"? Use the OverTHERE iOS app to find out!

Blindfold Games: Braille Spin & Solve

Blindfold Spin and Solve is a "Wheel of Fortune" type iOS game that reinforces learning braille contractions.

Blindfold Games: User Guides now online

User guides for almost all of the 50 Blindfold Games are available online for use with a screen reader or braille display.
Braille Bee Spelling App Logo

Braille Bee Spelling App Review: iOS app

Master spelling words with the Braille Bee Spelling app using a refreshable braille display!

Blindfold Spin & Solve: What just happened?

Accessible Wheel of Fortune game called Blindfold Spin and Solve for the iPhone and iPad.

Using iOS Tracing Apps: Part 2, O&M

Orientation and Mobility related tracing, scanning and tracking activities to compensate for blindspots.
HooplaKidz Nursery Ryme Activities Logo

Interactive Nursery Rhyme Activities: iOS and Android App for Students with Low Vision

iOS and Android nursery rhyme app with motivating preschool activities.

Interactive Storybook App Ideas

Suggestions on how to use interactive storybook apps with students who are visually impaired with multiple disabilities.
Screenshot of a visually impaired infant gazing at and interacting with an iPad.

Infant & Early Childhood Program iPad Curriculum: Junior Blind

Video Curriculum demonstrating how an iPad can be used as an educational tool for very young children with visual impairments.
Lesson Plan iPad apps

Top 10 iPad Apps for Lesson Planning

List of the top 10 iPad Lesson Plan apps.

Using BlindSquare Simulation Mode to Create Tactile/Visual Maps

Use BlindSquare Simulation Mode to help students create maps of a location.
NFB-Newsline Mobile iOS app logo.

Up-to-date Election Information: NFB Newsline

Stay current with the elections as well as other current events with NFB Newsline.
Bebot app logo.

Bebot App Review: iOS cause and effect sound app

iOS App review of Bebot, a cause and effect sound app and simple synthesizer app.
VBGhost Logo

VBGhost: iOS Braille game

VBGhost is an accessible iOS word game that encourages students to learn braille dot patterns.
iPad screen showing picture of fancy beta fish with the Header "Help us Beta test new features" on Bookshare web page

Open Bookshare book on iPad in iBooks - EPUB Beta feature

Demo of how download Bookshare EPUB 3 title and open in iBooks on an iPad.
Aware Logo

Aware App: Indoor Navigation App

The aware app connects with iBeacons to provide navigational information for users who are visually impaired.
Screenshot with the Zoom in/out, turn on the camera light, focus lock, capture image and adjust brightness buttons labeled.

Magnifier App: Built-in iOS 10 app

iOS 10 has a new built-in app called the Magnifier, which turns the iPhone into a magnifying glass.