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Photo of Code-a-Pillar, a robotic caterpillar toy and text, "Hot STEM toy, Code-a-Pillar"


New Fischer-Price coding concept game and coding concept iOS app for preschoolers.
Picture of the Osmo coding blocks arranged in a sequence that is controlling the character in the Osmo app.

Osmo Coding iOS App Kit

Osmo Coding is an iOS app kit designed to teach young students an understanding of programming.
Photo of a girl wearing headphones listening to multiplication songs and the text, " Best Multiplication songs for kids"

Best Multiplication Songs for Kids

Review of the best multiplication songs for kids via apps, websites and YouTube videos.

Shared Notes on the iPad

Instructions on how to share Notes on the iPad, iPhone and Mac computers.

Teacher Created Quizzes: Socrative

Teachers, create your own accessible digital quizzes - available for any computer or tablet!
Ballyland Rotor Logo: Red cartoon helicopter.

Ballyland Rotor: Learn the VoiceOver rotor command

An engaging, recently-released iOS game that teaches young students about the VoiceOver rotor gesture.

E-Bot Pro Review

A practical classroom review of the E-Bot Pro, a CCTV that displays directly on your iPad that is an approved tool for standardized testing!
Free IOS Book apps for preschoolers.

10 Free Book Apps for Preschool Kids: iOS

These ten book apps have been careful reviewed and approved as quality, free iOS book apps for preschoolers.
WheelMap logo

5 Top Apps for People with Limited Mobility

5 apps for people in a wheelchair along with O&M considerations for users who are visually impaired and use a wheelchair.

Blindfold Sound Search

Blindfold Sound Search is a matching sound game that's fun for visually impaired people of all ages
Screenshot of Swift playgrounds with code directions on the left half and visual picture of character on a platform on the right

Swift Playgrounds: Apple's accessible coding app for kids!

Learn more about Swift Playgrounds, an accessible coding app for kids.

CVI Adaptation for O&M stories using Notability app on the iPad

Using the Notability app to create stories about O&M lessons -such as the Fair Barn - for students with CVI.
Student learning VoiceOver gestures through the Ballyland iPad app.

Ballyland App for the iPad: Teaching Finger Gestures For VoiceOver

Overcoming anxiety of learning to use VoiceOver through an O&M Hi-Tech training and the Ballyland App.
Several white and blue plungers on a store shelf.

Tap Tap See iPhone App verses CamFind iPhone App

We went to the grocery store and selected three items we wanted to identify with these apps. We tested their accuracy and time it took to identify the item.
Brightly colored wrapped Christmas gifts.

Reviews of Accessible Online Christmas Shopping Websites & Apps

Accessible online shopping websites and apps.
BlindSquare logo vs. Seeing Eye logo

HI-Tech O&M Progress: Navigation apps and adult clients

An O&M's personal experience and suggestions when teaching navigation apps to adult clients.

Braigo Companion: iOS app that reads the text embedded in a photo

iOS translation app that describes photos and reads the text within the photo.
Picture of an iPhone being held above various bills on a table.

EyeNote vs. MoneyReader

This post contains a video demonstration and comparison of two money reading apps.

Blind People Reading Print They Can’t See? There’s an App for That!

Are you curious how the blind and print disabled can independently read printed materials? Read more to find out about the wonders of the KNFB Reader!
Instapaper logo.

Instapaper: read articles off line

Instapaper app enables students to save, store and organize articles and videos for offline reading.