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Blindfold 3D Tic Tac Toe

Here is an addicting game of 3D Tic Tac Toe
Screenshot of four recommended biology apps.

Math and Science Apps

Looking for educational apps? Check these out!
Photo of a hand holding a smartphone displaying the Desmos graphing calculator app.

Test-approved Graphing Calculator App

Moveover expensive graphing calculators - there's a new app in town!
Smiling student standing in a hall of student lockers holding an iPad displaying a relay conversation on her iPad.

Text Relay for Deaf Blind Users

How can deaf blind students make emergency calls?
Screenshot of Math Robot displaying the equation 10 + 3 and the answer keyboard below.

APH's Math Robot: iOS Game

Want to practice math facts? Try the Math Robot app!
Prizmo Go logo

Prizmo Go App Review: A free OCR app

Looking for a low cost but quality OCR/scanning solution?
VO Lab logo displayed on an iPad.

VO Lab App: Learning VO Gestures

Have a middle or high school student who is learning VoiceOver gestures? This app is for you!

Using the Reader Available and Reader Appearance Features on iOS

Is your Internet page visually cluttered? Try using the Reader feature!
Office Lens logo

Office Lens Review: converting print to accessible digital materials

What do you do when your teacher gives you a last minute print handout?

Blindfold Games & Cerebral Palsy

Have motor issues? Some of the Blindfold games have the option of playing at a slow speed, enabling students with motor disabilities to be successful.

Teaching VoiceOver Gestures with I Hear Ewe App: Activity

Does your student love animal sounds? Use this adorable app to teach basic VoiceOver gestures!
Talking Typer logo

Talking Typer iOS App: an accessible keyboarding app

Here is an accessible keyboarding app for students who use VoiceOver!

Amazon Echo Dot Review

A successful college student with low vision reviews the Amazing Echo Dot and shares how she uses this tech in her college dorm.
Functional, after graduation tech skills for students with multiple disabilities.

4 Ways to Entertain Tech-Savvy "Seniors"

After graduation tech ideas for students who are candidates for sheltered workshops or supervised employment.
Super Tile Smash logo

Super Tile Smash: Accessible Smart Phone Game

Here is a fun puzzle game that teaches spatial concepts!

Blindfold Word Biggle: iOS app

Like to play games? Here is an accessible version of Boggle!

Choice Making Activities with Switch Apps

Encourage your student with multiple disabilities to communicate and make choices using their favorite apps!

Favorite Cause and Effect Switch Apps

Do you have a student with limited mobility? Adaptive Switches are learning tools that enable these students to interact with a device.
Using Password and Clock settings to limit a student's screen time.

Restricting Screen Time: iOS Devices

Does your student/child spend too much time on his/her device? Learn how to set screen time limits!
Student holding an iPad that displays a locked screen.

Guided Access: Locking an iPad into one app

Step-by-step instructions on how to use Guided Access on an iPad.