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Remote Instruction using Seesaw for Dual Media Learner

Strategies, games and activities: a combination of braille, magnification and tech for an emerging reader!

Apps That Teach VoiceOver Gestures

Introducing VoiceOver to students? Check out these VoiceOver gesture teaching strategies and apps!

Show Your Work: Documenting Independent Student Work

This post describes a method for using a shared document for students to document their independent work.

The O&M Quiz: Creating a Better Online Quiz Together

This post describes an activity that allows instructors and students to work together to create and post online quizzes.

Splashtop Secure Remote Access, Remote Support and Collaboration Solutions for Educational Institutions

An overview of Splashtop secure remote access software for education
Image of cartoon readers sitting on and standing around a digital book and "Bookshare #AllInTogether Summer Read-a-thon"

Bookshare's #AllInTogether Summer Read-a-thon

A summer reading program for all ages!

CodeQuest: A Free APH App!

Travel through space with this fully accessible exhilarating coding concept app!

Using Zoom Video Conferencing Platform to Provide People with Visual Impairments Instant Access to Visual Information

Need help identifying something, reading a prescription or access to other visual information? Use Zoom!

Adapted Books for Student with CVI: Fruits and Vegetables

Check out these two books: Fruits and Vegetables

Swift Playgrounds Video

Wondering how to interact with the Swift Playgrounds coding app while using VoiceOver?

Adapted Ocean Animal Book for Student with CVI

Remote instructional video for parents and accessible book for students with CVI.

Cosmic Numbers: Accessible Number Line App Semester 2

Teaching number line concepts has never been easier or more fun!

Zoom 101: Basic Steps for Using Zoom

Interested in learning to use Zoom, a popular video conferencing application?

How to Learn Another Language with Duolingo: A Student's App Review

Sienna reviews and demonstrates the accessibility of Duolingo, an accessible and fun language app.

Remote Desktop Applications for Distance Teaching and Learning

Applications for educators to remotely help students with computer technical and navigational issues.

Math Apps Summary Post for Students K-3rd Grade

Wondering how to get started with introducing young students to accessible digital math skills?

Review: Snap and Read

Snap and Read is a browser based tool that has many useful features for the visually impaired, notably CVI, but it is not accessible for blind students.

Google Meet/Hangouts as a Visually Impaired User

Want to know if Google Meet/Hangouts is accessible with a screen reader?

ObjectiveEd Daily Live Webinars

Free live webinars on ObjectiveEd braille games and O&M games!