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How to Create Accessible Digital Maps Using SAS Graphics Accelerator and Google Maps

Quickly create customized, accessible digital maps that students can use to build mental maps and answer map-related educational questions.

Show Your Work: Documenting Independent Student Work

This post describes a method for using a shared document for students to document their independent work.

The O&M Quiz: Creating a Better Online Quiz Together

This post describes an activity that allows instructors and students to work together to create and post online quizzes.

Splashtop Secure Remote Access, Remote Support and Collaboration Solutions for Educational Institutions

An overview of Splashtop secure remote access software for education

Webinar: Exploring Accessible Campus Maps

The webinar recording on using SAS Graphics Accelerator Maps - fully accessible non-visual digital maps - is now available!
Image of cartoon readers sitting on and standing around a digital book and "Bookshare #AllInTogether Summer Read-a-thon"

Bookshare's #AllInTogether Summer Read-a-thon

A summer reading program for all ages!

Best Practices for Creating Non-Visual Digital College Campus Maps

What should or should not be included when creating a non-visual digital map?

CodeQuest: A Free APH App!

Travel through space with this fully accessible exhilarating coding concept app!

Getting Started with Non-Visual Digital Maps

Why does a non-visual map look different than a visual map?

Using Zoom Video Conferencing Platform to Provide People with Visual Impairments Instant Access to Visual Information

Need help identifying something, reading a prescription or access to other visual information? Use Zoom!

Remote O&M Instruction for Students Transitioning to College: Building a Mental Map

A graduating high school senior builds a mental map of Elon University using a digital map and a virtual O&M lesson.

Adapted Books for Student with CVI: Fruits and Vegetables

Check out these two books: Fruits and Vegetables

Creating CVI-Friendly Videos using PowerPoint

Quick and easy method to create CVI-friendly videos using PowerPoint and two free web applications.

Swift Playgrounds Video

Wondering how to interact with the Swift Playgrounds coding app while using VoiceOver?

Virtual Escape Rooms!

Learn how to make Virtual Escape Room games using Google Forms and Zoom group meetings.

Using a Digital Map for Work Travel

An independent traveler uses an accessible digital map to prepare for work-related travel.

Adapted Ocean Animal Book for Student with CVI

Remote instructional video for parents and accessible book for students with CVI.

SAS Graphics Accelerator Maps: Student Uploading and Accessing Maps

Learn how students can access teacher-created custom maps & intro to understanding the maps.

Chromebook and Low Vision: Maximizing Success

Set yourself and your low vision student up for success when working with Chromebooks!