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Introducing Accessible Digital Grid and Table

Use this fun app to introduce digital tables to young students!
symbol of a phone and sound waves with a line through it.

Silence Unknown Callers: iOS 13 Feature

Annoying phone calls? Not any more!

Going Nuts about a New School Year

Here is a fun acorn lesson plan - perfect to do before Back-to-School Night!
Screenshot of Paths to Technology home page with with keyboard command popup and text, "New Internet Keyboard Commands"

New Internet Keyboard Commands for iPad OS

Browse the web more efficiently with these new keyboard shortcut commands!

Note-taking Applications Part 4: Android

In the final post of the note-taking series, demonstrations of scanning and note-taking applications for the Android environment are provided.
Logo of Ballyland Magico and text, "Ballyland Magico (Spanish Version)

Ballyland Mágico

The popular Ballyland Magic app is now available in Spanish!

BrailleSense Polaris: Using the Polaris as a Refreshable Braille Display with JAWS

Encouraging a student to independently learn more and explore her tech!


Quest, an application for creating text game adventures

Screenreader Comparisons

A review of 5 of the most common screen readers for persons who may know little about screenreaders but need some insights.
Outline of hand with thumb, index and middle fingers extended and text, "iOS and iPadOS 13 Editing Gestures"

Editing Text iOS and iPadOS 13

Make changes in a "pinch"!

Audio Memos App and WH Questions

Expanding your O&M lessons with this fun activity for non-traditional O&M students.
BrailleBlaster logo

BrailleBlaster: Free braille transcription software

Here is a new tool for producing braille materials quickly!

Data Collection Made Easy

Quick and easy self-calculating data sheets

Brainfuse Online Tutoring Review

How I use the Brainfuse app with low vision to help me with my physics homework. A free resource from my local library!

Coding and STEM: Robot Obstacle Challenges 2 (Hurricane Dorian)

Fun activities that apply coding and engineering concepts using simple robots, part 2.
Screenshot of a simple GoWorksheet Maker worksheet with marked up Drag and Drop question.

GoWorksheet Maker iPad App

Convert printed worksheets into customizable and interactive solutions on an iPad.

Coding and STEM: Robot Obstacle Challenges 1

Fun activities to apply coding and engineering concepts using simple robots.

Google Meet and Screen Share

The free and easy way to use Google Meet to Screen Share

Note-taking Applications for the iPad: Part 3

In this post I describe and present video demonstrations of the use of various types of styluses with the Noteshelf 2 and PDF Expert apps for the iPad.

APH Accessible Crossword Puzzle App Review

Solve these fun and accessible digital crossword puzzles!