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Novel Effect App Review

Bring reading to life with Novel Effect app!

Contraction Magic: A Bewitching Way of Teaching Braille Contractions

Turn your emerging braille student into a braille wizard!

Teaching the CodeQuest App to Students who are Visually Impaired

Coding concept games are navigating through a maze; how can students with visual impairments access digital mazes?

Field Test an iOS App (TestFlight and CodeQuest apps)

How (and why) do you provide feedback when field testing a Beta version of an iOS app?

'Twas the Night Before Christmas: Teaching Comprehension

Practice reading comprehension skills with this fun twist on the "Twas the Night Before Christmas" poem.

Creating a Basic PowerPoint Presentation Step by Step

A basic, step by step approach to creating Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations using JAWS for the blind and visually impaired.
Freedom Scientific logo and text, "Video Tutorials"

Freedom Scientific Tutorial Videos

Need help with JAWS, ZoomText or Fusion? Check out these tutorials!

Creating Experience Stories and Academic Videos

Create exciting video stories VI and O&M activities!

Student Christmas Gifts

TVIs, are you looking for fun and inexpensive gift ideas to give your students?

Christmas Themed Book for Early Readers: Noelle's Christmas Tree

What kind of shenanigans can this cute kitty get into at Christmas time?

Ballyland CosmoBally App

Learn about planets with CosmoBally in this fun interactive space-themed story!

Google Maps Offers Voice Guidance for Visually Impaired Users

Google Maps, a web-based service that provides detailed information about geographical regions and navigation now has voice guidance.

Teaching Number Line Math Skills Part 3: Accessible App

Cosmic Numbers is an accessible number line created to teach basic digital number lines skills for students who are visually impaired.
CodeQuest app:  3x5 grid with an astronaut's path to his rocket & arrows showing his path.  "Field Test APH's CodeQuest App!"

CodeQuest: Accessible Coding Concept App

APH is seeking field testers for this exciting new app!

ObjectiveEd Apps: Part 1

Review of the first two apps: Speed Gesture and Sound Search.

Creating Audio Descriptions for Music Videos with YouDescribe

How my brother and I worked together to created audio description for a music video, using the song, "Me!" by Taylor Swift & Brendon Urie.

Coding Posts Summary

Searching for Paths to Technology posts on accessible coding concepts and coding? Check out this reference list!

Active Braille

Improve your student's braille with the option to automatically refresh the braille line & TVIs have access to data about their student's reading habits!

Sphero City Activity

Design and construct your tactile city and then navigate the Sphero robotic ball to various destinations!

One Button Shortcuts for Common Chromebook Functions

Create Chromebook keyboard shortcut commands for students who have limited motor skills using Shortkeys extension!