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CodeQuest app:  3x5 grid with an astronaut's path to his rocket & arrows showing his path.  "Field Test APH's CodeQuest App!"

CodeQuest: Accessible Coding Concept App

APH is seeking field testers for this exciting new app!

ObjectiveEd Apps: Part 1

Review of the first two apps: Speed Gesture and Sound Search.

Coding Posts Summary

Searching for Paths to Technology posts on accessible coding concepts and coding? Check out this reference list!

Active Braille

Improve your student's braille with the option to automatically refresh the braille line & TVIs have access to data about their student's reading habits!

Sphero City Activity

Design and construct your tactile city and then navigate the Sphero robotic ball to various destinations!

One Button Shortcuts for Common Chromebook Functions

Create Chromebook keyboard shortcut commands for students who have limited motor skills using Shortkeys extension!

Introducing the Orbit Teacher Platform

This unique platform enables teachers in inclusive classrooms to interact seamlessly with blind students.

VoiceOver 101: How to use VoiceOver for Typing

Using VoiceOver for typing: input and output.

Screen Reader Tech Activities: Thanksgiving Lesson Plan

Using holiday poems to teach technology skills.
Image of Orbit Reader Braille Display and smart phone with "hello" and "Hi" speech bubbles. Text, "Orbit Chat"

Announcing the Orbit Chat App

Orbit Chat is a face-to-face communication tool for people who are deafblind.

Sequencing Coding Concept Activities

What to do, when? Order of coding concept activities and skills.

Coding the Muffin Pan

Using Specdrums by Sphero to develop independence on braille cell concept for emergent braillers.

CentOS Accessibility for Low Vision

How I configure my CentOS computer in my data science classroom lab for low vision accessibility.
PowerPoint logo and text, "PowerPoint Shortcut Commands"

Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Deliver PowerPoint Presentations

Accessible keyboard commands for presentations!

Simplifying Browser Use

Simple techniques and shortcuts to easily access web content with common browsers and a screen reader.

Mouse Pointers and Low Vision

How to configure mouse pointers and cursors for users with low vision on Windows 10, as well as make computer mice easier to use.

Educational Example of Using Speech to Text and Dictation

Solutions and IEP goals for a student who struggles with writing using traditional braille methods.

Accessibyte Online: More than Just a Typing Tutor

Accessibyte has been in the process of developing a new all online experience. In this article, we explore all that Accessibyte Online has to offer!

Digital Transitions #4: Bar Charts (Fall Leaf Activity)

Combine hands-on activities with digital bar charts with these fun fall activities!