Apple's World Wide Developer Conference 2018

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World Wide Developer Conference 2018 (WWDC 2018) focused on software - fewer blockbuster new features with an emphasis on robust features and performance (without bugs and security issues). 2018 will not be introducing new MacBooks or iPads. 

Here are a few tidbits from WWDC 2018 that might be of interest to educators

  • Apple announces that iOS 12 has focused on performance, including apps launching 40% faster, keyboard appears 50% quicker and slide to take photo is 70% faster.
  • Siri can now suggest app actions on the lock screen according to where you are and your normal routines.
  • Siri gaining new shortcuts feature.
  • iBooks has been overhauled and is now called Apple Books. News, Stocks and Voice memos are also updated.
  • Improved Do Not Disturb features (to help limit overexposure to our digital life).
  • Screen Time is a new feature that provides a weekly summary of how you've used your iOS device, detailed by category with time, charts, how often the devices is picked up and which apps are sending the most alerts.
  • Parents can receive activity reports from kid's device on parent device; parents can manage app usage by time and by category while giving a green light for specific apps that can be used anytime.

For more details about new features and updates, go to 9To5Mac's article, Apple unveils iOS 12 for iPhone and iPad.

Want to know if your device can be updated?

Apple's AI Phone

With iOS 12, iPhones are becoming a highly personalized device with enhanced Siri features. Using AI (Artificial Intelligence), the iPhone will understand where you are, what you're doing and what you need to know right then and there. Siri will make suggestions based on your normal routines and AI-powered workflows. A new app, called Siri Shortcuts enable users to combine actions into routines that can be launched by a single tap or by voice. Tech savvy power users will enjoy this feature. Third party app developers can integrate their apps with Siri and users will see a new "Add to Siri" button in their favorite apps. These new Siri Suggestions are anticipated to replace the traditional notifications. Users are also given the ability to turn off notifications or have specific notifications 'Delivered Quietly' in a silent mode meaning they are not delivered to the Lock Screen and are not announced with auditory or haptic feedback.

For more information about the Siri enhancements, go to Tech Crunch's article, Apple Introduces the AI Phone.

iOS 12 Accessibility

Several WWDC sessions focused specifically on accessibility designed to assist developers on how to create accessible apps. These sessions discussed how to write the code to make interactions such as Drag and Drop accessible. As an end user, I am excited that Apple has highlighted accessibility during WWDC and that these resources are available for developers. Hopefully, more educational apps will include universal design so that all students will be able to fully access apps. Please share these WWDC 2018 resources with your IT team and developers!

Deliver an Exceptional Accessibility Experience Video

Accessible Drag and Drop Video