Apple's October 2016 Event: "Hello Again"

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Apple's October 2016 press event, "Hello Again".

Apple's "Hello Again" press release announced their new accessibility website along with new features for the Apple TV and the updated Mac computers.

The recently launched Apple accessibility website highlights accessibility features, including powerful videos of users benefiting from accessible Apple products.

Apple unveils their new "TV" app that offers a unified experience for discovering and accessing TV shows and movies - from one place - on any apple device.  The TV app will be available at the end of the year.

Apple also announced the MacBook Pro's major makeover with new enhancements such as the "Touchbar", butterfly keyboard, and larger trackpad.  Read more about these features in the Verge's article, The New MacBook Pro looks and feels so good it's unreal.

What do these MacBook changes mean for users with visual impairments and blindness?  AppleVis shares details about the MacBook models, their initial accessibility thoughts, and the "Hello Again" event.  Read the AppleVis article, What We Got from Apple's October 2016 Event.

Read Apple's information about what was announced and view Apple Event Videos on Apple's Website.

The MacRumors' 4 minute video below shares the "Hello Again" highlights.