Apple Introduces their New Accessibility Website

Featured Image: 
Screenshot of Sadie Paulson accessing her editing software on a Mac with a switch.

Accessibility continues to remain a top priority with Apple;  Apple kicked off the October "Hello Again" press event with a video highlighting built-in accessibility features of their products and the announcement of their new accessibility website.  The website includes these powerful videos:

  • General Accessibility video
  • Workout app video with Alanna Flax-Clark, a competitive athlete who cross-trains for equestrian events with the Apple Watch
  • Switch Control video with Sady Paulson, a video editor certified in Final Cut Pro who uses Switch Control to edit films on her Mac
  • Live Listen video with Win Whittaker, a climbing guide who uses Live Listen and a Made for iPhone hearing aid to have conversations in noisy environments
  • VoiceOver video with Mario Garcia, a photography enthusiast who uses VoiceOver to take and share pictures of his family
  • Speak Screen on iPad video with Klevian C, a fourth-grade student who uses Speak Screen to enjoy books about adventure, magic and dinosaurs

The accessibility website is a resource packed with information on all the accessibility features for the Mac, iPad, iPhone, Watch and TV.