Aira is now FREE!

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Aira is a service that assists individuals who are visually impaired by interpreting visual information. Through the app, this service connects the visually impaired user with a highly trained person vision. In a nutshell, Aira is a "visual interpreter". According to Aira's website, Aira is, ". . . 0n-demand access to the visual world, powered by our professional agents."

Free Aira Programs

Aira is now offering free short calls - 5 minutes or less for quick help. These calls can be made every day at no cost. For users who need longer calls, a purchased plan is still required; however, the first five minutes are free. Details about the free short calls here.

Aira has a Back to School Program - free Aira for college students who are visually impaired. Learn more about the Back to School Program here.

Aira Access - three access programs. Learn about Aira Access here.

  • Promotions: Limited and on-going
  • Products: When using specific products
  • Locations: When traveling in specific places

Connect with Aira agent through the Aira app and either your smart phone camera or through the optional smart glasses.

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