Accessible Lego Directions

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pile of Legos with text, "Accessible Lego Directions"

The Danish Lego toymaker has announced a pilot program to update it's building instructions so that each step is compatible with braille and screen readers. This time consuming process is using AI (artificial intelligence) to automate the process. Currently, there are four sets of directions available:

  • Lego Classic Bricks and Ideas
  • Lego Friends Emma's Art Shop
  • Lego City Sky Police Drone Chase
  • The Lego Movie 2 Emmet and Benny's "Build and Fix' Workshop

This project is was inspired by Matthew Shifrin, a blind student who received braille Lego instructions for his 13th birthday. Read more about Matthew here.

Lego is currently seeking feedback on the accessible directions (fall 2019) and anticipates releasing more accessible instructions in January 2020. After trying the accessible directions, please take a few minutes to complete the 9-question survey.  

Lego Audio and Braille Survey available here.