Accessibility, Advocacy, and Allies in the Workplace: A Community Conversation with Veronica Lewis

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Veronica Lewis, blogging as Veroniiiica (with four eyes), is a popular blogger with literally hundreds of posts focusing on assistive technology, being successful in K-12, college and career as a person with low vision, advocacy, and tips for living with a vision loss. Veronica started blogging in 2016 on her website (, and has shared blog posts on Paths to Technology. Through her blog posts, Veronica has guided and been a resource for students, families, and educators.

Brian Switzer, author, deafblind athlete, and Assistive Tech Instructor for Career Launch @ Perkins, will host an interactive discussion with blogger and disability advocate Veronica Lewis (also known as Veronica With Four Eyes) about disability in the workplace, what it takes to be successful – and why it all matters.

In addition to taking your questions, you'll get their unique perspectives on:

  • Accessibility in the workplace and how to advocate for what you need
  • How to convert materials to accessible formats that will help you work more efficiently and effectively
  • The tools you can use to get ahead and stay ahead in the workplace

Date: Tuesday, April 20 at 5:00 PM Eastern

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