Accessibibyte Aracade: 6 Accessible Games (Windows)

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Accessibyte Aracade is a collection of 6 entertaining, interactive games for a Windows computer created for students with visual impairments and blindness.   These fun games also have an educational component to them.  Accessibyte Arcade has a customizable user interface, enabling students/teachers to set visual and auditory preferences; a screen reader is not required. This accessible game does not require a screen reader.  The games are:

Canteen!  Own your own canteen stand at camp!  How much money can you make?

Crazy Phrase!  Input your own words to create a new crazy story!

Radio! Use your ears to tune the radio station before it is too late!

Echo! A Timeless memory game!

Hangman! Classic accessible Hangman game!

Samurai! Hone your mental and physical skills to become a Samaurai!


For more information, go to Accessibibyte Arcade's website.