AccessComputing Program: supports students in computing fields and classes

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Sign up your student for our NSF-funded AccessComputing program that supports students with disabilities in computing fields through mentoring and funding for tutoring, internships, and conference travel.  In our peer mentoring community, blind students are often able to help one another troubleshoot particular problems that they encounter.

AccessComputing also supports faculty in trying to ensure that computing courses are welcoming and accessible to students with disabilities.  There are resources on our AccessComputing website and faculty are welcome to email us with specific questions as well.

Are you a computing student with a disability?  Looking for an internship?

Want to connect with peers and mentors with disabilities?  AccessComputing can help you do that.

AccessComputing, a National Science Foundation funded project, provides mentoring and funding for career development activities for students with disabilities computing-related fields. This includes:


Through our online community, students and mentors discuss a variety of topics. It is a place to connect with others to share your successes, ask for suggestions regarding any issues that may arise for you related to your disability, education or employment, and to support other team members when they need help brainstorming solutions.


Struggling with a computing course? Please contact me about tutor support. Each term, AccessComputing can fund a limited number of tutors for project participants.


Interested in attending a conference related to computing, diversity, or professional development?  AccessComputing may be able to provide funding for travel, registration, or accessibility-related costs.


The AccessComputing project helps students find internships that relate to computing. Together with AccessComputing staff, students make contacts with faculty members and companies in their area to inquire about internship opportunities. If opportunities are unpaid the student can request wages from the AccessComputing project.

Find an application and more information online.