3D printed Senior Pictures

Featured Image: 
Image of a hand held scanner scanning a student's face with digital head shot image displayed on computer in the background.

Senior pictures are a right of passage - but what about pictures for students who are blind? Senior portraits are a time capsule - memorializing life as a young person before going out into the world. Traditionally, senior portraits include a head shot photo of the student in a graduation grown. This year, the Indiana School for the Blind and IUPUI University Library Center for Digital Scholarship teamed together to create accessible senior pictures for students who are visually impaired. The IUPUI students created digital head shot composites using a white-light scanner, which can then be 3D printed.

The video below describes the 3D scanned senior picture project at the Indiana School for the Blind.

3D project coordinator Derek Miller stated, "Hopefully we'll be able to scan a blind student at the age of 5 and then scan them every year. In theory, we could build a timeline of them growing that they can actually feel."

For more details, read the article Digital Scholarship Team gives Blind Students Unique Senior Portraits.