3D Periodic Table Model: Beta testers needed!

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3D Element Book with colorful large print symbols, braille, and unique design that folds and groups element blocks.

Note: Roy Alexander is currently seeking educators to beta test (fall 2019). Please contact him directly about this opportunity!

Roy Alexander is actively recruiting educators of students with visual impairments to beta test his portable braille version of the chemical elements in 3D book form. This is a unique, portable 3D braille periodic table is carefully designed with large, high contrast symbols and braille. The website's description includes, "By transforming the visual chemistry concepts of the periodic table into an always available tactile manipulative, VI and blind students can be more successful in chemsitry classrooms with immediate data reference matching the many visual sources of such vital data for sighted students." This unique design, folds and groups element blocks, making it easier to understand element groups.

More information about the Element Book and beta testing here. 


Posted by Kim CooperJan 07, 2019

I don’t have any high school Braille students who are presently enrolled in chemistry, but my colleague does.

Posted by Danielle PetschJan 07, 2019

I am a TBVI in providence RI. I have a fully blind 10th grader in Chemistry.

Posted by Diane BraunerJan 07, 2019

Kim, Danielle, and others who are interested,

Thank you for responding so quickly! Please contact Roy Alexander directly: roy01@comcast.net


Posted by Barbara FletcherJan 07, 2019

I have a 9th grade high academic braille reading student who will be in Chemistry next year. I would love to help next year.

Posted by April MakleyJan 08, 2019

I have two possible students that may benefit from use with this model. One is in Chemistry (highschool), and the other is in general science in the 7th grade.

Posted by Lydia M. MorelandJan 08, 2019

I’m interested in beta testing. I am the science teacher, grades 6-12, at WV School for the Blind, one of those classes being chemistry. The periodic table is used in every science class I teach. Thanks

Posted by Brittney ChittumJan 09, 2019

TVI in TN interested in using this with my blind high school student.