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Screenshot of Lucy lighting a candle with text, "TikTok Lucy Edwards"

TikTok: Lucy Edwards

Blind TikTok star, Lucy Edwards shares daily living skills.
Project Inspire logo and text, "Free Fall Nemeth Courses!"

Project INSPIRE Fall Courses

Looking to improve your Nemeth Code Symbols for students in Grades 2-5 and/or additional Nemeth symbols, instructional tools, materials & tech?
Cartoon Image of a virtual meeting on a laptop with text, "NVDA Zoom Enhancements"

NVDA Zoom Accessibility Add-On

This add-on makes Zoom interactions a breeze!
Screenshot Graphic: Listing the 10 modules for "Lesson One, Introduction to Learning and Teaching JAWS and Free Resources"

JAWS Training Modules: Lesson One

Designed for teachers and AT instructors, these JAWS lessons include videos, resources and quizzes!
Graphic with Colorful "G" and "Google Accessibility Updates"

Google Accessibility Improvements

Have you tried these new features?
Graphic with "Covid-19"

Comprehensive Evaluation During COVID-19 Guidance Document

Provides legal and ethical guidelines for Teachers of Blind and Visually Impaired Students and Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialists during COVID.
Smiling cartoon young man with thumbs up sitting at a computer with text, "Creating Accessible Online Learning Materials"

Creating Accessible Online Learning Materials: College Level

Resources to support accessible materials for online college-level courses.
Text: "Non-visual digital map library - there's a map for that!" List of various types of maps with outline of North America.

Recorded! Map Library Webinar

Learn about this new and exciting Paths to Technology Resource Library!
Image of cartoon O&M character walking with a cane in a circle with "seal of approval" and text, "Help Validate O&M Standards"

Help Validate O&M Standards

Seeking COMS and NBPCB Professionals to help validate O&M standards!
Kaleigh, 17 year old with long blond hair with hands on a braille notetaker and text, "Advocating for Braille"

Braille Exams for AP Classes during COVID-19

Did your student receive his/her AP exam in braille?
Photo of a smiling transition student sitting in front of her computer and text, "Compass: A College Success @ Perkins Program"

College Success @ Perkins: Compass Program

Building Expanded Core Curriculum skills, bringing college and career readiness home to students in grades 9-11 plus their families and TVIs!
Screenshot of Teaching the 21st Century Learner with Robbin Clark, MA powerpoint during the recorded webinar and Robbin.

Teaching the ECC to the 21st Century Learner: Webinar

Robbin Clark shares refreshing ideas about the Expanded Core Curriculum.
Image of cartoon readers sitting on and standing around a digital book and "Bookshare #AllInTogether Summer Read-a-thon"

Bookshare's #AllInTogether Summer Read-a-thon

A summer reading program for all ages!
Silhouette images of two cartoon people sitting across from each other and text, "Recruiting Computer Science Teachers"

Recruiting computer science and/or programming teachers

Have you taught students who are visually impaired computer science or programming?
Project Inspire Logo and text, "Recruiting for Project Inspire Free Summer Courses"

Recruiting for Project Inspire Summer Courses

Are you working with a young braille reader? Boost your Nemeth Code skills!
Cartoon image of Mac pushing a stroller, woman with walker and man in a wheelchair  and "Accessible Places: Google Maps"

Google Maps Introduces Accessible Places

Want to know if a place is wheelchair accessible?
Photo of two young students playing with Code Jumper pods and an android tablet.

Code Jumper is now available!

Learn more about this accessible coding game and Code Jumper training opportunities!
image of a desktop with computer showing person plugged-in and text "eLearning" and "Person-Centered Planning".

Person-Centered Planning: Perkins eLearning Summer Course

Support students' pathways to success through this facilitated approach that empowers the student to lead the team.
Cartoon woman holding up a checklist with text, "Math Survey".

Survey: High School math education for students with visual impairments

High school math can be challenging - you can help by completing this survey!
Images of Google Classroom, cup of tea, and braille notetaker and text, "Tuesday Tea with AT"

Tuesday Tea with AT

Have tech-related questions?