Orientation and Mobility Posts

Opportunity for Beta testing two APH iOS apps.

APH Field Testing Opportunities: Nearby Explorer and Talking Typer for iOS

APH is recruiting field testers for two iOS apps.

Tech Time-Out #2 Navigation: Engineering Camp 2016

Students with visual impairments and blindness apply their O&M skills and learn about new navigation technology and through an engineering project.
Maps screenshot displaying a split screen with the route and additional options.

Maps App Redesigned: iOS 10

Update about the redesigned Maps app for iOS 10.
Sleek green and black Ogo, a hands-free wheelchair

Ogo: A Hands-Free Wheelchair

Introducing the Ogo, a hands-free wheelchair.
Cody standing at the front door of Sheetz Gas Station.

Cody went to Sheetz: iBook

A high school student with traumatic brain injury creates an iBook to remember his route around a store.

Accessible Transportation (Air)

My guide on some tips and tricks to help make you travels much easier.

Metronome App- Pro Metronome

This app helps students to stay in a rhythm while using two point touch or constant contact. It is customizable so that it can fit the child's walking speed.

Cody: Learning Life Skills through Technology

Activities for a high school student with traumatic brain injury, including learning to visually identify letters and objects for functional life skills.
Logo for the SayShopping iOS app.

SayShopping: Free Target App

SayShopping is a free voice-enabled iOS app for the visually impaired.
A man wearing the BLAID around-the-shoulder prototype.

Project BLAID Toyota's Contribution to Indoor Navigation for the Blind

Project BLAID: Indoor Navigation Possibilities
The man-sized robot in the "Spencer" project is being tested at the Schiphzl Airport in Amsterdam.

Robot to Help Passengers Find their Way at the Airport

The "Spencer" project is a robot that is helping people find their way around the international airport Schiphol in Amsterdam.

iBooks and Other Teacher Resources

Digital books and teacher-created materials and resources shared on Paths to Technology website.
Student sitting on a bench using a laptop on a college campus.

8 Skills that everyone should have by age 18

Article about the 8 skills that every 18-year-old should have.
Image of iPhone, Bluetooth headset and Bluetooth splitter, a small device that is plugged into the iPhone.

Connecting Two Bluetooth Headsets to One iPhone: O&M Training Tool

Video demonstrating how to connect two Bluetooth headsets to an iPhone using a Bluetooth Transmitter/Splitter.

Audio iOS Games Improve O&M Skills

Many Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialists (COMS) have been incorporating audio IOS games into O&M lessons.
Screenshot of Chris Tabb's O&M LiveBinder home page

O&M Live Binders: Resources

Live Binders is a collaboration of O&M resources.
21 year old Molly Watt during keynote speech at Camp Digital 2016.

Molly Watt: deafblind and Apple Watch

Looking for daily living skills tools for deaf/blind student?
Hand on a 3-D tactile map with a trail through the woods in the background.

Touch Mapper: Order or Print Your Own 3-D Map

Touch Mapper, a service that provides customized 3-D printed tactile maps for the visually impaired.
Finger exploring the 3-D campus map.

A Feel for Campus: 3-D Map for Texas A&M

3D tactile map of A&M's campus.
Logo: 9-sided white star on blue background.

ShapeTones App: An accessible audiovisual memory game

ShapeTones is an iOS audiovisual game that encourages spatial concepts and sonification skills.