Orientation and Mobility Posts

Road Rally: O&M navigation activity

Road Rally ideas with visually impaired navigators!

O&M: How to Use Uber (Checklist)

Planning an O&M lesson on how to use Uber? Here is a skills checklist!

Blindfold Bowling: iOS spatial concepts app

Looking for a fun way to teach spatial concepts to students who are blind? Try this auditory bowling game!
Nearby Explorer logo

Nearby Explorer: GPS app

Nearby Explorer is an iOS and Android GPS app designed for users with visual impairments.

College Preparedness Series #6: How to Pick Housing

A successful college student shares her tools and tricks on how to start the semester off right - How to Pick Housing.
iBeacos provide audible information: "Main Street Station Bus Stop" and "Main Street Escalator Entrance" as pedestrian travels.

iBeacons: Next Gen O&M Tool

How can iBeacons, little plastic devices, help travelers who are visually impaired?

AmazonFresh Review: Grocery Delivery

College Student with low vision reviews the AmazonFresh grocery delivery service.

NAGDU App: Guide & Service Dog Advocacy & Information

The NAGDU app provides general information about state and federal laws involving the rights of service dogs users.
GoGoGrandparent logo

GoGoGrandparent: transportation option

Transportation option geared for senior citizens but available to all ages.
BlindSquare O&M Stories - How Lives are Changed!

BlindSquare O&M Story

BlindSquare is encouraging Orientation and Mobility Instructors to share their experiences about using BlindSquare during O&M lessons.

Reading a Menu or Sign: Smart Phone Low Vision Tool

Tips on using a smart phone's built-in camera and zoom features to access menus, signs, and other distance objects.

College Preparedness Series #5: How to Navigate Campus

A successful college student shares her tools and tricks on how to start the semester off right - navigating the college campus.
Client standing in covered entry way holding an iPhone open to the My Places BlindSquare screen.

Using BlindSquare to Develop a Mental Map of Environment

Familiarize new clients to our campus using BlindSquare to provide information and to build mental mapping in "look around mode".

How Do People with Low Vision . . .use Human Guides?

How to guide someone with low vision and avoid having them walk into a pole.
Student using the BlindSquare iPhone app while traveling on a school sidewalk with her long cane.

Using BlindSquare with students who have Traumatic Brain Injury

Teaching cognitively delayed students who struggle with locating a sidewalk intersection and teaching the clock face concept.
WheelMap logo

5 Top Apps for People with Limited Mobility

5 apps for people in a wheelchair along with O&M considerations for users who are visually impaired and use a wheelchair.

CVI Adaptation for O&M stories using Notability app on the iPad

Using the Notability app to create stories about O&M lessons -such as the Fair Barn - for students with CVI.
Student using an iPhone in front of a QR code.  BlindSquare on the iPhone is reading the QR code.

Community QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt O&M lesson incorporates tactile map, BlindSquare, and Money Reader to practice mental mapping, street names, social interactions, tech and more!
School playground equipment lightly covered in snow.

An Early Lesson Using BlindSquare Points of Interest

Motivating O&M lesson plan teaching Points of Interest on a school's playground.
Sidewalk intersection in the middle of a school campus.

A Cool Tool: Locating Campus Intersections

Using BlindSquare's POIs to help students focus on finding intersecting sidewalks on a large campus environment.