Orientation and Mobility Posts

iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch displaying Apple Pay.

How to use Apple Pay on the web with Safari in iOS 10 and macOS Sierra

Learn how to use Apple Pay and strategies for incorporating Apple Pay into O&M lessons.

Becoming a Hi-Tech Orientation and Mobility Specialist

Tips and resources on how to incorporate technology into orientation and mobility lessons for all types of O&M students.

Using BlindSquare Simulation Mode to Create Tactile/Visual Maps

Use BlindSquare Simulation Mode to help students create maps of a location.
Notability iOS app logo.

Using the Notability app for Orientation and Mobility lessons with Younger Students with Low Vision

Using the Notability app for Orientation and Mobility lessons with Younger Students with Low Vision
A student using the touch technique on a sidewalk in a residential area.

HI-Tech O&M Progress Reports

Technology can be used to create quick video snapshots to record progress of O&M skills.
Materials needed for this O&M Lesson: sidewalk chalk, measuring tape, and 36" long cane.

BlindSquare Readiness Lesson: Chalk, Walk, and Talk

O&M lesson that teaches concepts of 'clock face directions' and the meaning of the term 'yards'.
Diagram of an intersection showing a person at a crosswalk standing across the street from a sound source.

Using the APH Sound Source to Teach Street Crossings

The APH sound source can be used to help students learn the skill of aligning for a street crossing using the sound of parallel traffic.
Student with long cane and iPhone standing on a sidewalk at street intersection.

Beginner's Guide to Blindsquare

A COMS perspective and some tips for utilizing the basic features of Blindsquare.
iBooks Author logo.

using Ibooks to document O/M lessons

I have been experimenting with using ibooks as a way to share skills worked on in O/M lessons with parents
Student in classroom using an iOS magnification app.

Comparisons of Digital Telescope/Monocular apps for iPhone for Functional Orientation and Mobility Assistance

Comparison of magnification devices: native and purchased smart phone apps and monocular.
Aware Logo

Aware App: Indoor Navigation App

The aware app connects with iBeacons to provide navigational information for users who are visually impaired.
Photo of EVA glasses displaying the sleek design with small built-in cameras.

EVA: Extended Visual Intelligence Glasses

EVA combines artificial intelligence with glasses to aid users with visual impairments.
NantMobile Money Reader Logo

NantMobile Money Reader (formerly LookTel Money Reader)

NantMobile Money Reader (formerly LookTel Money Reader) is a free iOS app that identifies currency.
Multiple road signs with arrows facing different directions.

CrowdSourcing Navigation App: Perkins

Perkins projec to create a navigation app using crowdsourcing data.
The image shows a hand using the 3D pen to create a tactile map

3D Pens: A New Tool for O&M and More

3D pens are an exciting new product being used in O&M that uses the same technology as 3D printers, but with no software and at fraction of the price.
Ed Summers using BlindSquare app to set a POI at a bus stop.

Hi-Tech O&M Workshop

Announcement for Hi-Tech O&M workshop at Perkins.
Ed Summers standing at a greenway intersection with his Seeing Eye dog, demonstrating how to set a POI using the BlindSquare app

Creating and Using a Point of Interest on a Greenway or College Campus using BlindSquare

Learn how to set and use a Point of Interest on a greenway or college campus using the navigational app, BlindSquare.
Moovit App Logo

Moovit: An Accessible Transit App for iOS and Android

Review and comparisons of the Moovit App, a transportation app for travelers with visual impairments and blindness.
iWalkStraight is an app to help blind travelers maintain a straight line.  iWalkStraight logo: two shoe prints walking.

iWalkStraight: iOS App

iOS app to help a student with visual impairments or blindness to walk in a straight line through open spaces.
Screensho of Pokémon Go with Squirtle character.

Pokémon GO

Accessibility for Pokémon Go - a location-based, augmented reality game for mobile devices.