Orientation and Mobility Posts

Five Things that Surprised Me About the New Metro Cars

Accessibility feature that really help passengers who are blind or have low vision.
Screenshot from the video: 'You're the Missing Piece!' with colorful puzzle pieces in the background.

You're the Missing Piece: O&M Puzzle

A resource puzzle created by O&Ms for O&Ms!
Riley and two of her friends talking beside their lockers.

Riley's Transition to Middle School Video

Watch this advocacy video created by a rising middle school student and her friends!

Fitbit Exercise Tracker - Accessibility and Usability Part 2

This article will focus on the accessibility features of the Fitbit iOS app. Part 2 of a two part series.

How Do People with Low Vision . . . Open a Locker?

An accommodation most people don't think of - how to make lockers accessible.
What3Words logo

What3Words: navigation information

What3Words is transforming navigation as we know it - learn how this mainstream tool might impact O&M.
PathGuide App Logo

Path Guide: Indoor Navigation App

Microsoft's research project on indoor navigation - what do you think?

FitBit Exercise Tracker - Accessibility and Usability Part 1

This post will focus on the Fitbit Fitness Tracker, its accessibility, and some basic comparisons between units for blind and low vision users.

How Do People with Low Vision use the Bus System?

How to master college and city buses!

15 Addresses to Memorize in College

How do I get there? Important college locations for O&M instruction.
Screenshot of the first slide in the PowerPoint Presentation: Learning the Seeing Eye GPS App

Seeing Eye GPS App: Instructional PowerPoint

Want to learn how to use the Seeing Eye GPS app? Check this out!

Teaching echolocation skills: O&M activities

Pixar's Finding Dory is teaching an orientation and mobility skill!
Screenshot of BlindSquare's Home screen.

BlindSquare Navigation App: Video

Feeling overwhelmed with the BlindSquare app? Watch this instructional video!
Sendero Group logo

Sendero's iPhone GPS App Update

Check out what is new is the Seeing Eye app version 3.0!

Steps for Riding a Bus

Need an O&M checklist for teaching how to ride a public bus?
Screenshot of the Aware App's Home screen with buttons for:  Take me to, Map, Directory, Venues, Manual Directions, and Help

Aware App Review: Indoor Wayfinding app

Using iBeacons, the Aware App improves indoor navigation for travelers with visual impairments and blindness.
A smart phone running a map app laying on top of a tactile map.

Technology and Mobility in the 21st Century

The power of technology for travelers who are visually impaired.
A woman with a long cane walking in a crosswalk.

Smart Paint Crosswalks for Visually Impaired

Technology used to help visually impaired travelers cross streets without veering.

How does a blind person cross a street?

Learn more about your student's street crossing skills with this rainy day activity!