Orientation and Mobility Posts

WheelMap logo

5 Top Apps for People with Limited Mobility

5 apps for people in a wheelchair along with O&M considerations for users who are visually impaired and use a wheelchair.

CVI Adaptation for O&M stories using Notability app on the iPad

Using the Notability app to create stories about O&M lessons -such as the Fair Barn - for students with CVI.
Student using an iPhone in front of a QR code.  BlindSquare on the iPhone is reading the QR code.

Community QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt O&M lesson incorporates tactile map, BlindSquare, and Money Reader to practice mental mapping, street names, social interactions, tech and more!
School playground equipment lightly covered in snow.

An Early Lesson Using BlindSquare Points of Interest

Motivating O&M lesson plan teaching Points of Interest on a school's playground.
Sidewalk intersection in the middle of a school campus.

A Cool Tool: Locating Campus Intersections

Using BlindSquare's POIs to help students focus on finding intersecting sidewalks on a large campus environment.
Snowman picture with QR code mounted below.

Snowman QR codes: O&M Lesson

Winter weather day O&M lesson using QR codes.
Student learning VoiceOver gestures through the Ballyland iPad app.

Ballyland App for the iPad: Teaching Finger Gestures For VoiceOver

Overcoming anxiety of learning to use VoiceOver through an O&M Hi-Tech training and the Ballyland App.
Several white and blue plungers on a store shelf.

Tap Tap See iPhone App verses CamFind iPhone App

We went to the grocery store and selected three items we wanted to identify with these apps. We tested their accuracy and time it took to identify the item.
Screenshot of My Places screen on BlindSquare app.

BlindSquare Checklist

Basic checklist for beginner user of BlindSquare an iOS navigation app.
Compass rose with N, S, E, W labeled.

The Use of BlindSquare to teach compass directions

A lesson plan to teach students and adults who are visually impaired or blind compass directions using the BlindSquare app.
Woman standing at the curb praising her guide dog.

Guide dog teams and technology: Don’t forget the dog!

Guide dogs and technology: how to make them work together
A tactile allocentric map depicting the area around the training area.

The value of GPS System in Orientation and Mobility

Attitudes about the use of accessible GPS systems from the perspective of students enrolled in Orientation and Mobility prep training program.
BlindSquare logo vs. Seeing Eye logo

HI-Tech O&M Progress: Navigation apps and adult clients

An O&M's personal experience and suggestions when teaching navigation apps to adult clients.
Three COMS using BlindSquare to set POIs on a campus.

Using BlindSquare to Create a Resource for Beginning College Students

Information on how to create important POIs on a college campus and then sharing these POIs with college students who are visually impaired/blind.
Picture of an iPhone being held above various bills on a table.

EyeNote vs. MoneyReader

This post contains a video demonstration and comparison of two money reading apps.
Earplay Logo.

Earplay: Interactive Audio Stories iOS app

Part casual game, part interactive audiobook, Earplay is a new kind of immersive audio storytelling.
Young boy walking on a snowy sidewalk holding an iPhone catches up with a a peer.

Painting a picture of the World Through Sound: BlindSquare video

Video of a young student traveling indenpendently using a cane and the BlindSquare app.
Transloc Transit app logo.

Transloc Transit App with Low Vision Students: O&M Lesson

Using Transloc Transit App with low vision students to identify a familiar or unfamiliar destination stop and pull chord to signal for bus to stop
OverTHERE app logo.

OverTHERE: Explore and Interact with the surrounding environment, iOS app

Want to know what is "over there"? Use the OverTHERE iOS app to find out!

Blind Abilities Podcast: Who won the race?

Blind Abilities interview with Project Starfish after their successful completion of the first ever Blindfold Racer Championship.