Orientation and Mobility Posts

Airports, BlindSquare Enabled

Planning a trip? Learn about BlindSquare Enabled Airports!

Scavenger Hunt App for O&M

Interactive scavenger hunt app for your smart phone or tablet!

Setting a Departure Time on Google Maps for Orientation and Mobility

Planning to Orientation and Mobility route using public transportation? Check out these tips!

Easter Egg Hunt: O&M Orientation Lesson

Want to liven-up your O&M lesson? Try this fun Easter Egg game!

Easter Egg Hunt for students with visual impairments

Include visually impaired students and students with multiple disabilities in your Easter Egg hunt!

06: A Tiny Device to Control iOS Devices

Having trouble with VoiceOver gestures? Try this device!
Microsoft Soundscape logo

Microsoft Soundscape app: a free O&M app

A map delivered in 3D sound!

Blindfold Student Pack 1: Navigation

O&M related Blindfold games are now bundled in a pack for school discounts!
Be my eyes logo

Be My Eyes App and Specialized Help

Direct connect to Microsoft's Disability Answer Desk through Be My Eyes app.

O&M Route Planning

Here is an O&M lesson idea!
Screenshot from video: Woman holding a modified cane attached to the cane controller in a virtual reality environment.

Virtual Reality and Cane Techniques

Simulating real-life environments, players can practice cane techniques in a safe, virtual environment.
4 people walking across a bridge over a city street; one person traveling with a dog guide and one person with a cane.

Accessible Wayfinding Field Testing

Sendero Group is recruiting testers in the Baltimore and Chicago areas!
Screenshot of Google Maps on iPhone displaying bus route options with Depart at tab highlighted.

Google Maps: Bus and Train Stations

Catching a bus or train? Check out these Google Maps features!
My ShopTalks: BlindSquare Enabled logo

ShopTalks: iBeacons making neighborhoods accessible

Business are embracing technology to improve accessibility.

Blindfold Barnyard: Cardinal Directions Game

Here is a game to reinforce O&M cardinal direction skills!

Google Maps Offline

No Internet? No problem! Learn how to use Google Maps offline!
Blindfold Games Logo: red bandana representing a blindfold.

Want more educational apps that are accessible? Blindfold Games

There are over 70 accessible Blindfold games - here is how you can help support additional educational games!
3 smiling O&Ms in rain gear learning to use the BlindSquare navigation app around the Perkins School for the Blind campus.

Sharing Secret Locations Lesson: BlindSquare Lesson Plan

Secret Location Orientation and Mobility lesson plan teaching how to create a Point of Interest using the BlindSquare navigation app on an iPhone.
Wendy's logo with text below: "Wendy's has a little girl."

Cody's Favorite LOGOs iBook

A high school student with traumatic brain injury learns to identify community signage.
Cartoon man walking confidently with a long cane.

Blinded Guide: an Accessible PC Game

This is a fun arcade-type game that also reinforces O&M skills!