Orientation and Mobility Posts

Cane Songs

Looking for a way to help motivate students to use great cane skills?
Blindfold Games logo and text, "Blindfold Games www.BlindfoldGames.org"

Introduction to Blindfold Games: Video

Which Blindfold game is your favorite?
Colorful 3D printed tactile maps: each room is a separate tile that is placed together like a puzzle to show the entire building

Tactile 3D printed classroom maps

The University of South Florida is creating tactile classroom maps for students with visual impairments!
Image of Walking man with a cane stick figure and text, "Getting Ready for College: O&M Skills"

Get Ready for College: O&M Skills

Is your student MOBILITY READY to attend college?

BlindSquare Integration for Future Dog Guide User

O&M lesson ideas to prepare for traveling with a dog.

Adapting a Floor Plan Using You Doodle App

This annotation app enables you to ERASE unwanted items!

Mobile App Review: Compass, by Apple Inc.

Learn how to use the Compass app while running VoiceOver!

Treasure Hunts and Geocaching: O&M lessons

Turn your O&M lesson into a Treasure Hunt! (Joanne Kennedy)

Whiteboard and Compass App: O&M Lesson

Teaching "mental mapping" skills to a young student with albinism.

O&M Lesson: Teaching Distance Estimates using BlindSquare

Does your student really understand measurement terms such as feet?

O&M Lesson Using BlindSquare with VoiceOver

Here is an O&M lesson to help you get started with BlindSquare using VoiceOver.

Welcome to Wyatt's House: O&M lesson

Using Pictello, an iPad, the P.I.A.F. and braille to create an O&M book for a 2 year old child who is totally blind child.

Google Earth O&M lesson

Using Google Earth to explore area and build a mental map.
Transit App Logo and text, "Transit App Part 3"

Transit App Tutorial: Part 3

Follow this Transit App video tutorial series created by a COMS.
Transit app Logo and text, :Transit App Part 2

Transit App Tutorial: Part 2

Follow this video tutorial series written by a COMS about the Transit App!
Transit App Logo

Transit App Tutorial: Part 1

Watch this video tutorial of the Transit App created by an O&M!

How to Use Campus Alert Systems

Part of living on campus is being prepared for emergencies - make sure you know your campus alert system.

Lazarillo: A Free Accessible GPS App for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Lazarrio is a free navigation app similar to Blindsquare and Nearby Explorer. This article will explore the app in more detail.

How Do People with Vision Impairments . . . Navigate School Hallways?

O&M tips for students with low vision on navigating school hallways. Practice before the first day of school!

How to create a digital pushpin map

Visualize spatial relationships between places using a customized pushpin map!