Orientation and Mobility Posts

Audio Memos App and WH Questions

Expanding your O&M lessons with this fun activity for non-traditional O&M students.

Ten Things to Know About Going to College with a Blindness Cane

ten things to know about going to college with a blindness cane and learning to use a cane in college.

How I Learned to Navigate My Internship Building With Low Vision

How I learned to navigate my internship building with and without my blindness cane and human guides.
Outline of front view of public bus and text, "Transportation Education Curriculum"

Transportation Education Curriculum

A curriculum to build the knowledge of educators, human services, families, and transit regarding transportation education and travel instruction.

Seven Places I Don't Take My Blindness Cane

I'm not faking my vision impairment, here are seven places I don't use my blindness can and why.

Coding Concepts: We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Teach coding concepts using familiar stories.
Image of musical score and text, "Braille Beats Fine Arts Camp"

Braille Beats Fine Arts Program

Braille Beats is a residential camp program for children, youth and young adults with visual impairments.
Photo of TSA officer walking beside a blind woman and her guide dog in the airport.

TSA Travel Tips

Are you planning a summer trip that includes plane travel with a guide dog?
Blind Inc logo and text, "Summer Programs"

BLIND Inc. Summer Programs

Looking for summer training opportunities?

Fast Facts About Tactile Pavement

Google Celebrating Seiichi Miyake with a featured GIF of a cane traveler standing on truncated cones at a crosswalk.

Understanding Service Dog Training with Technology

Learn about different types of services dogs using free live cams from Explore.Org plus, who doesn't love puppies?

Location Tracking with Google Maps

Learn how Google Maps can assist you when filling out your TVI/COMS logs!

Clew: Navigation App Review

Retrace your steps with Clew!

How I Use My Phone for Orientation and Mobility

Apps and techniques I use on my phone to travel independently with a blindness cane on my college campus and beyond.

Touring Colleges with Virtual Reality

Using the YouVisit platform to tour colleges in virtual reality. Compatible with screen readers and magnification.

Tips for Be My Eyes Volunteers from a Vision Impaired User

How to be a Be My Eyes volunteer and effectively help people with vision loss.

Be My Eyes App Review

How I use the Be My Eyes App with fluctuating vision.

Airaport - How I Use Aira at the Airport

How Aira helps me independently navigate the airport and TSA with vision impairment.

Bringing Freedom Indoors

A tech savvy high school student with a vision impairment is leading the way!

Incorporating Blindness Canes into Halloween Costumes

Trick or Treat! Ten DIY inexpensive Halloween costumes for blindness cane users that incorporate the cane.