Orientation and Mobility Posts

Text: "Non-visual digital map library - there's a map for that!" List of various types of maps with outline of North America.

Recorded! Map Library Webinar

Learn about this new and exciting Paths to Technology Resource Library!

John's O&M Lesson 2: Learn about Streets

Using non-visual digital maps to teach street concepts to an elementary student.

Orientation and Mobility: A Student's Perspective

What does Emma think about the ECC area of O&M?

John's O&M Lesson 1: Non-Visual Digital Maps for Elementary Student

How to introduce non-visual digital maps to an elementary student and the first in a progressive series of orientation lessons.

Why Non-Visual Digital Maps for Young Students?

Accessible, interactive digital maps for early elementary students? Absolutely!

The O&M Quiz: Creating a Better Online Quiz Together

This post describes an activity that allows instructors and students to work together to create and post online quizzes.

Webinar: Exploring Accessible Campus Maps

The webinar recording on using SAS Graphics Accelerator Maps - fully accessible non-visual digital maps - is now available!

Concept Development: Drawing

Why do students who are visually impaired need to be able to draw items for educational purposes?

AFTER Remote Instruction for Students Transitioning to College: On Campus

Did the non-visual map and remote lesson make a difference in this student's O&M skills?

Remote O&M Instruction for Students Transitioning to College: Building a Mental Map

A graduating high school senior builds a mental map of Elon University using a digital map and a virtual O&M lesson.

Remote O&M Instruction for Students Transitioning to College: Getting Started

Yikes! You have a graduating senior who is college bound. What do you do during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order?

Activities that Build Digital Map Skills

Try these physical activities before introducing SAS Graphics Accelerator Maps to students with visual impairments!

SAS Graphics Accelerator Maps: Student Uploading and Accessing Maps

Learn how students can access teacher-created custom maps & intro to understanding the maps.

How to Create 3D Printable Maps Using Touch Mapper

Create customized tactile maps using Touch Mapper!

It's My Job Podcast #9

Grant Hardy, Broadcast Presenter for Accessible Media, Inc., is interviewed by Christian.

It's My Job Podcast #8

Chancey Fleet, Assistive Technology Coordinator for the New York Public Library, is interviewed by Christian.

Coding, Cubetto and O&M

See how this student was motivated to learn a challenging school route through 'coding' the Cubetto robot!

More Cool Games that can be Played on Zoom Part 2: VI Twist

social distancing? No Problem! Play these games with a 'VI twist' through Zoom.
Computer screen showing cartoon image of woman using a cane and text, "Virtual O&M Opportunities"

Upcoming Virtual O&M Opportunities

Join these virtual meetings for O&M students and/or for O&M Instructors!

Wayfinder: New O&M App!

Check out this cool O&M game by ObjectiveEd!