Orientation and Mobility Posts

Brightly colored barn wrapped in a red blindfold.

Blindfold Barnyard: iOS app

Blindfold Barnyard is a fully accessible audio iOS game that teaches cardinal directions.

Vision Test: iOS and Android Apps

iOS and Android app that tests visual acuity and more.

Earbuds/Bone Conducting Headphones for Students with Visual Impairments

Information about earbuds and bone conducting headphones for students with visual impairments.
Woman with guide dog holding iPhone and traveling independently past museum exhibit.

Indoor Navigation at the NC Museum Of Natural Sciences

Indoor navigation with beacons and BlindSquare.
Screenshot of Apple Maps route from Perkins School for the Blind to Watertown Diner.

Using Third-Party GPS Apps in Conjunction with BlindSquare

Instructions on how to plan a route using BlindSquare and Apple Maps or Google Maps.
iPhone with earbuds and brailled text: "BlindSquare".

BlindSquare Quick Tip: Changing the BlindSquare Voice

Quick tip on how and why to change the voices when using the BlindSquare app.
Logo of NC Nat Sci app .

NC NatSci: iOS app with interactive map

North Carolina Musuem of Natural Sciences Accessible App
Boy with cane standing outside lawn and garden section of store

Cody's O&M Adventures: iBook

Two boys with multiple disabilities created this iBook about their O&M lessons.
Screenshot of BlindSquare with VoiceOver focus on Filters.

BlindSquare Quick Tip: Limiting the Amount of Information BlindSquare Speaks

A quick tip for limiting the amount of information BlindSquare puts out.
Screenshot of Tactile Map iPad Overlay

Creating a Tactile Overlay

Instructions on how to create a tactile overlay for the iPad.
Logo: Black background with white"bs" in braille.

Intro to BlindSquare: iOS Navigation App

Basic introduction to the BlindSquare iOS navigation app.