Orientation and Mobility Posts

Making Purchases: O&M/ECC Activity

Incorporate 21st century resources in your O&M and ECC lessons!

Easter Egg Hunt for students with visual impairments

Include visually impaired students and students with multiple disabilities in your Easter Egg hunt!

iOS Native Magnifier App

Learn more about this free, built-in magnifier available on your iPhone!
Text: "O&M Survey" document on clipboard with checkboxes and pencil

O&M Referral Survey

O&Ms, please take this survey - we need more O&M-related data in our field!

O&M Activity: The Interstate's Forgotten Code

Quick video that explains interstate numbering systems!

Walk Your Own Path: Sidewalk Mural

Honoring the different paths to independence!

Map Explore: Creating Customized Maps with Customized Questions

Create maps of local areas specifically for your student and create questions appropriate for your student!

Updated Braille Blocks for CodeSnaps App

Get started with coding activities with the Sphero robot and free CodeSnaps app!

Map Explore: Using Customized Questions

Learn how to play Map Explore and answer the customized map questions.

Map Explore: Using Customize Maps

Orientation and Mobility Specialists: YOU can now create accessible digital maps to help build solid mental mapping skills!

White Cane Day Boom Cards

Free Boom Cards for White Cane Day!

General Guidelines for Creating Non-Visual Maps of K12 Schools, Camps and Parks

This Eagle Scout Project includes guidelines for creating accessible maps and map examples.

O&M Forms & Handouts that Make YOUR Job Easier!

Love your job but hate the paperwork? Here are handouts and forms just for you!

Creating Non-Visual Digital Maps of Metropolitan Areas

Best practices when creating metro maps!

Learning about Airport/Airport Travel: O&M Activities

Ways you can prepare your O&M student for flying.

Map Explore: Sneak Peak at a New O&M Game

Follow digital streets and explore customized tags in this fully accessible map app!

Temple Explorer: A New Directionality O&M Game!

A progressive directionality game designed for older O&M students!

Map Explore: New O&M Game!

Practice O&M skills and mental mapping skills through available and customized touch-explore maps!

Creating a Non-Visual Digital Map: Video Tutorial

Step-by-step instructions and best practices when creating a non-visual digital map for students who are blind or low vision.

Creating Customized Non-Visual Digital College Campus Maps

Strategies for creating the perfect customized university maps for students who are blind or low vision.