Learn How to Share Your Ideas!

We invite you to share your technology-related information, favorite apps, activities and teaching strategies for students with visual impairments and blindness. Please share your ideas and earn credit!  Here’s how:

Note: The main instructions below will place the post under the Tech Ideas category here.To place posts under other categories, please go to How to Post on Paths to Technology: Adults and/or How to Post on Paths to Technology: Students. *Note: Official Paths to Technology bloggers will post under the Blog Posts category here.

Step 1

Initially, create a user profile and register on the website. You only have to register once. Once you are registered, you must log in to create a post. Your user name will appear as the author of the post.

Step 2

  • From Paths to Technology Home screen, activate (click on) “Tech Ideas”. (If you are an official Paths to Technology blogger, you will start under "Blog Posts".)
  • Below the drop down menu on the left side of the screen, activate “Add a Tech Idea”. (If you are an official Paths to Technology blogger, you will select "Add a Blog Post".)

Step 3

  • In the Title text field, type in the name of your post.
  • In the Blurb text field, add a sentence that best describes the post.
  • In the Description text field, type in your post. If you choose to copy and paste, it is best to strip the formatting first. Use the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing bar to add the desired format back in.  Example: To add italics, highlight the desired text and click on the italics symbol.
    • To turn on spell check, activate the ABC symbol (on the right).
    • To add a hyperlink (such as a website link or link to an app in the app store), highlight the desired phrase and activate the Link symbol.
  • If you are working from a document and using copy and paste, make sure that your document is Ariel 12 point font before pasting the text into the Paths to Technology template.

Step 4 (optional)

If you want to include an attachment with your post

  • Under Add a New File, activate “Choose File”. (A list of documents on your computer will appear.)  
  • Select the desired document and activate “Choose”.
  • Activate “Upload”.

Step 5

All posts should have a picture associated with the post. Choose a photo that represents your post.  This can be a photo of the device or app, or of photo of a student doing the activity. If the photo (or video) includes a student, you must submit a release form signed by the student’s parents. The Perkins photo release form can be found here. Make sure that the photo is copyright free (either your personal photo or a Creative Commons photo from a website like Pixabay.com. (Note: The first section on Pixabay.com is for purchased photos which are copyrighted; be sure to use a photo from the second section - the Creative Commons (no copyright) section.

To add a picture:

  • Under Featured Image, activate Choose File. (A list of documents/images on your computer will appear.)
  • Select the desired picture and activate “Choose”.
  • Activate “Upload”. (The Alternative Text text field will appear; text added in this box will be used by screen readers and search engines.)
  • In the Alternate Text text field, type in a description of the uploaded picture.

To add the Perkins photo release form:

  • Under Media Release, activate the release form by “Clicking here”.
  • Print the Media Release form. When the form is signed, scan or take a digital picture of the form; add the digital copy of the signed form to your computer.
  • Under Media Release, activate “Choose File”. (A list of documents/images on your computer will appear.)
  • Select the desired digital image of the signed permission form and activate “Choose”. Activate “Upload”.

Step 6 (optional)

If you want to include a video at the bottom of your post:

  • Post your video on YouTube and copy the YouTube URL link. 
  • Under Embed Video in the Video URL text field, paste the video URL.  

If you want to embed a video within the body of your post:

  • Copy the embed code (different than the URL code). 
  • Select Source in the WYSIWYG.
  • Move your cursor to the desired location in the text and paste the embed code.
  • Before the embed code, copy and paste the mark up language: <div style=“margin:auto;”><div class=“videowrapper”>
  • After the embed code, copy and paste: </div></div>
  • Save (or Apply) button at the very bottom of the template.
  • To view the video in the saved template, refresh the page (circular arrow to the right of the URL at the top of the page).

Sound complicated? No problem - contact Paths to Technology and we will add the video (or your entire post) to the template!

Step 7

Click "Publish" or "Save as Draft" at the bottom of the page. Choose the "Save as Draft" option if you have not finished creating the post and would like to return to finish it later. Choose "Publish" when you are all finished.  

  • If want to make changes after the post is published, open the post and activate the Edit button. Make the desired changes and activate the Publish button again.

You will receive an automatically generated message thanking you for your post. After the site administrators have had a chance to review your strategy and it has met the criteria for an acceptable post, you will receive a certificate with the number of credits you have received printed on it.

Categorigizing Posts

For additional information on how to ensure posts appear in the right category, go to How to Post on Paths to Technology: Adults and/or How to Post on Paths to Technology: Students.


Please respect the privacy of your students and their families. There should be no identifying information included about any student without parental permission.


If you would like more information about the type of credit you will receive, and how credits are determined, please see the attached document, P2T CEU Credits.

Need Help?

Contact us if you have questions: Technology@Perkins.org. We are more than happy to assist or to add your content to the template!