Early Intervention

Boy with cane standing outside lawn and garden section of store

Cody's O&M Adventures: iBook

Two boys with multiple disabilities created this iBook about their O&M lessons.
Girl swiping iPad

Interactive Stories

Tips on using interactive stories on an iPad to teach children who are blind or visually impaired to use VoiceOver and Refreshable Braille Displays
Three blooming red roses.

When Are You Red?

Accessible iBook was created to explain the color red to students with visual impairments.
20 Blindfold app logos: each logo has a red bandanna blindfold across the image of the individual game.

Blindfold series of iOS Apps

Blindfold apps are a series of iPhone and iPad games that are accessible.
Image of a young child's hand turning a round block.

iOS VoiceOver Gestures Practice: Lesson Plan

Activities to help a student learn and practice VoiceOver gestures.

When Are You Brown?

Accessible iBook that describes the color Brown to students who are blind.
Image of student demonstrating Zoom on an iPad.

Drew: Zoom Feature on the iPad Video

Video of a student demonstrating the Zoom feature on the iPad.
App logo: Young girl with blond curls holding a cane beside her black dog.

Exploring Braille with Madilyn and Ruff: iOS app

Information about an iOS emerging braille app and how to implement this app with a preschooler.
Drawing of a boy with a cap holding a steering wheel

Blindfold Racer: iOS App

Blindfold Racer is a popular fully accessible driving game where you use your ears instead of your eyes.
Two fingers on the iPhone displaying the rotor symbol.

VoiceOver Rotor Options on iDevices

Learn how to use the Rotor on iOS devices: information and activities.
Brightly colored books standing in a row.

100 Picture Books with Image Descriptions: Bookshare

Bookstore's to 100 picture book collection.
Image of University of North Carolina's well icon

Tar Heel Reader: Create and Read Accessible Books

Tar Heel Read is a free on-line resource giving students access to easy-to-read, teacher created accessible books.
Image of Hark the Sound logo: Boy's face with flaming orange hair wearing glasses and headphones

Hark the Sound: Audio Games on the Web

Collection of free web-based games for young students with visual impairments.
Image of APH 18 Refreshabraille

Tricks to Pairing the APH 18 Refreshabraille with an iPad

Help in pairing the APH 18 Refreshabraille with an iPad
Image of an adorable four year old using an iPad with VoiceOver gestures.

Layla: 4 Year Old Learning VoiceOver and Braille Video

Video of a blind preschooler and her first three accessible apps.
child using refreshable braille display

Refreshable Braille Display Commands for the Emerging Braille Reader: R Chord & P Chord

Introducing chord commands to Layla, a preschooler using an iPad paired with a refreshable braille display.
Young child using a refreshable braille display

Getting Started on the iPad in Preschool

A TVI shares her experiences on starting a four year old on an iPad with a refreshable braille display.
Young child using an iPad on a stand with support at the elbow

Add an iPad to your Functional Vision Assessment/Learning Media Assessment Kit

Tips and guidelines on using an iPad as part of a Functional Vision Assessment / Learning Media Assessment (FVA/LMA) with children with visual impairments