Early Intervention

Blindfold Sound Search Logo.

Blindfold Sound Search

Blindfold Sound Search is a matching sound game that's fun for visually impaired people of all ages
I'm Glad I'm Not a Turkey Poem

Screen Reader Tech Activities: Thanksgiving Lesson Plan

Using holiday poems to teach technology skills.
How to Make iPad Accessible for Low Vision.  www.veroniica.com

How to Make an iPad Accessible for Low Vision

Check out these built-in low vision features on the iPad!
Screenshot of WhizzyKids app, a tracing game.

Using iOS Tracing Apps: Part 2, O&M

Orientation and Mobility related tracing, scanning and tracking activities to compensate for blindspots.
Picture of materials used with the interactive storybook: drum, musical instrument, switch, speaker, and iPad with app

Interactive Storybook App Ideas

Suggestions on how to use interactive storybook apps with students who are visually impaired with multiple disabilities.
Tactile representation of a cursor placed between the first and second letter of the braille word "super"

Tips for Young Students Learning to Use a Screenreader

Students who are in Elementary school and who are learning to use a screenreader require a concept base, repetition, and fun!
Toddler interacting with an iPad.

Starting Blind Toddlers and Preschoolers on an iPad

How to get started on an iPad with a bright 16 month blind baby.
Pile of multicolored LEGOs.

LEGOs in Education

Incorporating LEGOs into the classroom with students who are visually impaired or blind.
Book Creator Logo: app that creates accessible books

Book Creator App: Create Your Own Accessible Books on iOS, Android and Windows Tablets

Use Book Creator to create accessible books for iOS, Android and Windows tablets.
Logo of EDA Play Toby iOS App.

EDA Play Toby: iOS App

IOS app created specifically for infants and toddlers with visual impairments and multiple disabilities.
Roller coaster tracing app

Using iOS Tracing Apps: Young Students with Blind Spot(s)

iOS tracing apps help young students with scotomas or blind spots.
An accessible teacher-made iBook about Shark's teeth.

Shark's Teeth: iBook

An accessible iBook about shark's teeth that includes fun facts, video, quiz and more!
An accessible iBook about Loggerhead Turtles.

Loggerhead Turtles: iBook

This teacher-created Loggerhead Turtles iBook accompanies the instructions on how to create an iBook using the iBooks Author app.
Fill-in-the-blank worksheet with first two answers annotated on page

Using an Annotation App in the Classroom: Low Vision Students

How to use SAS Gloss, an annotation app, to complete kindergarten coloring worksheets and fill-in-the blank assignments for students with low vision.
Cody standing at the front door of Sheetz Gas Station.

Cody went to Sheetz: iBook

A high school student with traumatic brain injury creates an iBook to remember his route around a store.
Teacher Collaboration anagram

iBooks and Other Teacher Resources

Digital books and teacher-created materials and resources shared on Paths to Technology website.
Two hands labeled "right hand" and "left hand.

Audio iOS Games Improve O&M Skills

Many Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialists (COMS) have been incorporating audio IOS games into O&M lessons.
Taptic-edu: Brightly colored individual yellow braille tiles and blue braille display.

Taptic-edu: a Smart Braille Coaching Device

Introducing Taptic-edu, a new braille learning device that pairs with an iOS device.
App logo of blue and green open book.

Open eBooks app: iOS App

eBooks initiative available for students and special education teachers.
App logo: Cursive D with text "Disney Movies"on blue background.

Pixar made an app that helps the blind experience movies

App that enables blind to experience movies.