Early Intervention

drawing of a beach, water and sky above.

The Beach iBook

Accessible iBook about the beach.
blue sky

When Are You Blue?

Accessible iBook was created to explain blue items for students with visual impairments.
Bailey, a white plush whale and Dory, a blue plastic fish.

Teaching echolocation skills: O&M activities

Pixar's Finding Dory is teaching an orientation and mobility skill!
Blindfold TicTacToe logo

Blindfold 3D Tic Tac Toe

Here is an addicting game of 3D Tic Tac Toe
Several whole lemons and one lemon sliced in half.

When Are You Yellow?

Accessible iBook created to explain the color concept yellow to students with visual impairments.
Old fashion one room school house.

After School I: iBook

Geared for beginning readers and/or students with CVI, After School I is a simple iBook about after school activities.
birthday balloons

My Birthday

This accessible iBook details events that happen on a child's birthday.
I Hear Ewe logo

Teaching VoiceOver Gestures with I Hear Ewe App: Activity

Does your student love animal sounds? Use this adorable app to teach basic VoiceOver gestures!
Using laminated symbols, students learn to select the app the want to play.

Choice Making Activities with Switch Apps

Encourage your student with multiple disabilities to communicate and make choices using their favorite apps!
R.J. Cooper Bluetooth Super-Switch, a big yellow switch device, that pairs with tablets.

Favorite Cause and Effect Switch Apps

Do you have a student with limited mobility? Adaptive Switches are learning tools that enable these students to interact with a device.
Cinderella in her blue gown with sparkles and her name in the background.

Cinderella: iBook

Accessible emerging reader ebook about Cinderella characters.
Blindfold Bowling logo

Blindfold Bowling: iOS spatial concepts app

Looking for a fun way to teach spatial concepts to students who are blind? Try this auditory bowling game!
Child's left index finger moving up and right index finger moving down with the Rotor set to Animals.

BallyLand Rotor App Review

Find out what a TVI and her young student think about the new app that teaches students about the rotor!
ABC in bright colors.

The Alphabet Sound: iBook

Accessible emerging reading alphabet book.
Three sizes of Pal Pad switches.

Getting Started with Bluetooth Switches on the iPad

Information on how to pair Bluetooth switches to an iPad for students who have multiple disabilities.
A-Z logo; Cartoon character robot head.

The Kids A-Z App

Review of the reading A-Z app for students who are visually impaired or blind.
Young girl with pig-tails intently pressing a chord command on her braille display.

More Braille Display Chords for the Young Student: Layla

Follow Layla's progression as she learns more refreshable braille display chord commands on her iPad.
Image of a large red switch and three smaller switches.

Top 3 Favorite iPad Switch Apps

A teacher of the visually impaired shares her favorite apps for students who use switches.
Tactile Rotor made out of a foam circle with a line (dial) and short pieces of Wikki-Styks flaring out like rays from the sun.

Simple Tactile Representations of iPad Features

Using tactile representations to explain iPad concepts to a first grade blind student.
Layla walking down a school hallway with her long cane and her braille display in it's purse-like case over her shoulder.

Assuming Responsibility

Tips on how to encourage a first grade braille student to be responsible for and independent with her technology.