Early Intervention

Image of Peppa Pig: Holiday logo and text, "App Review: Peppa Pig's Holiday"

App Review: Peppa Pig's Holiday

Increase functional vision and visual motor skills with this fun app for young children!
Screenshot of Counting Animals Pages worksheet; text & with row of four duck stickers; text & owl, 2 rabbits, owl, rabbit.

iOS Shapes and Stickers: Counting Activity

Create customized digital counting activities in the Pages app!

When Are You Purple?

Accessible iBook was created to explain the color purple to students with visual impairments.
A green forest with a tree trunk that is bent over the path.

When Are You Green?

Accessible iBook was created to explain the color green to students with visual impairments.
Black line drawing of a square house with text, "Welcome to Wyatt's House by Stephanie Bissonette."

Welcome to Wyatt's House: O&M lesson

Using Pictello, an iPad, the P.I.A.F. and braille to create an O&M book for a 2 year old child who is totally blind child.
Screenshot of Elmo Loves ABCs: Elmo is in the center with ABC letters around the edge of the screen.

Elmo Loves ABCs

Teach visual discrimination skills for students 3-8 developmentally with this fun app!
Screenshot of A Busy Day for Elmo app; Elmo is holding a fish tank in a room with a piano chair, table with lunch items on it,

A Review of A Busy Day for Elmo

Increase visual skills for students who are developmentally 3- 7 years of age with this fun app!
See 'N Say logo with text, "See 'n Say App Review"

See 'n Say app review

Give it a spin and bring animals to life with sounds, mini-movies and fun facts!
Fisher Price Storybook Rhymes Volume 1 logo with text, "Free Infant Toddler Preschooler apps"

Fisher Price Storybook Rhymes Accessibility Review

This is a terrific app for young children with low vision or no vision!
Image of a desk top.

My Desk: iBook

Accessible iBook about what the writer does at his or her desk.
small white 20-cell braille display with black keys; up and down arrows on both sides of the braille, cursor buttons underneath.

Braille Me: new refreshable braille display

Check out this low cost braille display!
Adult zebra with two baby zebras and the text, "Animals".

Animals: iBook

An accessible iBook about animals and where they live.
Photo of a chalkboard with a sun, paw print & the words Here Comes the Sun written in different colored chalk.

Using Technology to Access the Song "Here Comes the Sun"

Use your favorite songs to teach braille contractions and tech skills!
Screenshot of a picture of a toy car and a line of story text.

Use of Meaningful Pictures and Sounds for Students with CVI

Using meaningful pictures and sounds in iPad applications to make cognitive connections and open communication possibilities for a student with CVI.
Folded long cane with text, "The shaft has 4 sections that allow me to fold my cane when I am not using it."

My Long Cane Book

Help peers learn about a long cane used by students with visual impairments through this free children's book!
Cartoon images of Peep and Quack with the text, "Peer and the Big Wide World, PBS Kids"

Accessible Peep and the Big Wide World

Accessible Videos for young learners with Vision Impairments.
House Hunt Logo; image of cartoon Peep sitting in an overturned tin can and the words, 'House Hunt'.

House Hunt: Preschool Matching Game

Match the animal with his home!
Hide and Peep logo: Cartoon yellow chick peeping behind an overturned pot.

Hide and Peep App: Visual Scanning App

Play Hide and Seek with Peep and his friends!
Cover of the Clouds iBook with the text, "Clouds, by Lindsey Lanier".

Clouds: iBook and Activity

Use this accessible iBook to introduce students to different types of clouds.
Screenshot of the iBook cover, 'A Day at the Beach' by Lindsey Lanier

A Day at the Beach: iBook and Tactile book

Download this free, accessible beach experience book!