Early Intervention

Screenshot of the Bitsboard Match up game: two images of cats on the left, the words, licking, eating and sitting and three boxe

Accessibility Review of Grasshopper Apps

Check out these educational apps designed for students age 4+.
A Samsung tablet displaying Feelif Draw app: drawing of a red building, yellow building, green tree, blue clouds, and black car.

Feelif Draw

Feelif Draw is a fun tool that enables students who are blind to draw in colors!
Chrome and Book Creator logos with text, "Book Creator for the Web"

The Basics of Book Creator for the Web

How does the web based version of Book Creator work with Chrome Books?
4 year old standing beside a drinking fountain in her school, opening an Easter egg; precane and easter basket are beside her.

Easter Egg Hunt: O&M Orientation Lesson

Want to liven-up your O&M lesson? Try this fun Easter Egg game!
Yard full of colorful balloons attached to Easter eggs.

Easter Egg Hunt for students with visual impairments

Include visually impaired students and students with multiple disabilities in your Easter Egg hunt!
Screenshot of Feelif Graph: Sine graph with wavy lines above and below the horizontal axis.

Feelif Creator: Review

Check out Feelif Creator's accessible educational games!
BrailleBlox logo

BrailleBlox: An Electronic Emerging Braille Game

BrailleBlox is available now!
Story Toys Logo: Open book with smiling Sun rising from book and the text, "Story Toys" above.

Accessible Digital Picture Books for Preschoolers

Here are ideas for accessible digital books appropriate for preschoolers/emerging readers.
Screenshot of Crocodile's Tooth Worksheet with QR codes.

QR Codes: Making Books and Worksheets Accessible!

Here is a new twist on using QR Codes!
Card with QR code and Duck Soup book cover.

QR Codes and Children's Video Books

Access free video books using QR codes - at school, at home, or on-the-go!
You Doodle screenshot of blue truck outline in yellow glow on black background.

Using the You Doodle App to Create CVI Accessible Images

Create your own CVI images and activities!
Feelif Memory Game with 4 rows and 4 columns. Two "cards" are turned over showing bicycles. Other squares have Feelif logo.

Feelif Memory Game

The wining European social innovative game that allows all the blind and visually impaired and normal sighted children to play together.
Blindfold Barnyard logo with text: "Blindfold Barnyard: Cardinal Directions"

Blindfold Barnyard: Cardinal Directions Game

Here is a game to reinforce O&M cardinal direction skills!
Ballyland Sound Memory Logo

Ballyland Sound Memory Game: Matching and Math Grids

We asked for it and here it is! An exciting new educational app designed for young students who are visually impaired or blind!
Halloween Sudoku puzzle with pictures of Pumpkins, Candy, Ghosts, and Bats.

Halloween Suduko Puzzle: Grids and Tables

Create your own Sudoku puzzles and use these fun puzzles to teach tech skills!
Blindfold Hopper logo: cartoon frog with blindfold bandana covering his eyes.

Blindfold Hopper: Description of the iOS Game

Teach students basic sonification using this fun game!
Quadro Pro Magnetic blocks: 3D shapes of a star, plane, and building with a steeple.

Teaching Geometry Using Magnetic Tiles

Quickly create your own geometric 3-dimensional objects using these magnetic tiles.
Blindfold Bop logo

Blindfold Bop Game: Teach VoiceOver Gestures

Use this popular game to teach/practice VoiceOver gestures!
Accessible Leaf bar chart in Pages app.

Digital Transitions #4: Bar Charts (Fall Leaf Activity)

Combine hands-on activities with digital bar charts with these fun fall activities!
Toddler sitting at a kitchen table with his finger on a glowing iPad screen.

Introducing Technology to Students with Visual Impairments: Toddler, Preschool and Kindergarten

How to help young blind children explore and play with technology like their sighted peers!