Early Intervention

CodeQuest app:  3x5 grid with an astronaut's path to his rocket & arrows showing his path.  "Field Test APH's CodeQuest App!"

CodeQuest: Accessible Coding Concept App

APH is seeking field testers for this exciting new app!
Screenshot of Sound Search game with 5 animals in the left column and 5 sound symbols in the right column. "ObjectiveEd: part 1"

ObjectiveEd Apps: Part 1

Review of the first two apps: Speed Gesture and Sound Search.
Logan's hands on a tactile number line with a braille math worksheet beside him.

Teaching Number Line Math Skills: Part 2

Introducing addition and subtraction to a young braille student using a number line.
Two elementary students working with a robot and computer in the background with text, "Coding Posts Summary"

Coding Posts Summary

Searching for Paths to Technology posts on accessible coding concepts and coding? Check out this reference list!
First grade student with two hands counting out squares and moving a ladybug object to the desired number line 10-frame square.

Teaching Number Line Math Skills: Part 1

Simple fun ways to adapt and teach basic number line concepts to a young braille student.
Glad I am not a turkey poem.

Screen Reader Tech Activities: Thanksgiving Lesson Plan

Using holiday poems to teach technology skills.
images of Sphero, Code & Go Mouse, Botley, and three arrow cards with the text, "Coding Concepts"

Sequencing Coding Concept Activities

What to do, when? Order of coding concept activities and skills.
photo of Specdrum Braille activity: muffin tin, tennis balls, braille flashcard, directions square, Specdrum mat, ring and app

Coding the Muffin Pan

Using Specdrums by Sphero to develop independence on braille cell concept for emergent braillers.
photo of iOS Positions in Table game with Wikki Stix outline of table and text, Accessible Digital Tables"

Introducing Accessible Digital Grid and Table

Use this fun app to introduce digital tables to young students!
Image of a cartoon acorn and text, "Going Nuts about a New School Year"

Going Nuts about a New School Year

Here is a fun acorn lesson plan - perfect to do before Back-to-School Night!
Logo of Ballyland Magico and text, "Ballyland Magico (Spanish Version)

Ballyland Mágico

The popular Ballyland Magic app is now available in Spanish!
Photo of Botley robot at the entrance of the Code Blue Obstacle Course.

Coding and STEM: Robot Obstacle Challenges 1

Fun activities to apply coding and engineering concepts using simple robots.
Photo of 3 cups stacked in pyramid formation, tactile coding card, arrows depicting code, & tactile code guide. Unplugged Coding

Coding Unplugged: My Robotic Friends Activity

Challenge your students with this fun activity only requires plastic cups, a couple of command cards and brain power!
24 month old boy sitting at a child's table with fingers pressing keys on an APH 18 Refreshabraille.

Benefits of Using a Braille Display with Emerging Readers

Consider introducing your potential or emerging braille reader to a refreshable Braille Display!
Cartoon image of hand with 3-fingers pointing and text, "VoiceOver Gestures: 3-fingers"

Teaching VoiceOver Gestures: 3-Finger Tricks and Tips

Try these tried and true tips when learning VoiceOver gestures or when teaching students/adults 3-finger gestures.
Cartoon hand with two fingers extended and text, "VoiceOver Gestures: 2-finger"

Teaching VoiceOver Gestures: 2-Finger Tricks and Tips

Try these tried and true tips when learning VoiceOver gestures or when teaching students/adults 2-finger gestures.
Image of Ballyland characters and text, "Ballyland Keyboarding: A Fun Game for Early Learners".

Ballyland Keyboarding for Desktops and Laptops: A Fun Game for Early Learners

Sonokids, the creators of the Ballyland iPad apps, have broadened out into PC software with their new Ballyland Keyboarding program! Here's a sneak peek!
three cartoon hands with 1 finger pointing; text, "VoiceOver Gestures: 1-finger"

Teaching VoiceOver Gestures: 1-Finger Tricks and Tips

Try these tried and true tips when learning VoiceOver gestures or when teaching students/adults 1-finger VoiceOver gestures.
Photo of a Botley robot and text, "Botley Coding Robot"

Botley Activities #1: Accessible Robot and Coding Concepts

This adorable robot can be programmed to move, spin, talk, and play games!
Orbit Reader 20 refreshable braille display with a 20 cell display.

Editing using the Orbit Reader 20 and iPad

Editing without router buttons!