Early Intervention

image of a flying reindeer and text, "Reindeer Activities".

Reindeer Activities

Learn more about reindeer!
Toddler touching an iPad screen with Text, "ABC's of iOS Course"

ABC's of iOS: VoiceOver for Kids 3 - 8 Course

Learn how to introduce an iPad running VoiceOver to a young student!
Photo of toddler pressing silicone buttons with index fingers using Dimpl Duo toy.

Dimpl Duo: Toy to Develop Finger Strength

Students need strong fingers to produce braille using a Perkins and to create gestures used with technology!
Christmas Alphabet book cover with an image of Santa, audio button, and text, "Emerging Reader Book".

Christmas Alphabet Book

Check out this Christmas-themed alphabet book for emerging readers!
title page of the Five Little Ducks book with text, "Creating Accessible Books"

Creating Accessible Books Using Pages

Create fun accessible books for the iPad that are EASY to navigate with VoiceOver and a Braille Display!
Smiling 4 year old with precane bumped up to Red Cement Ball at Target. Text, "Own your Real Estate!"

Concept Development: Own Your Real Estate

Part 2 in an O&M concept development series.
A page from the Rainbow Cat book with text, "This is Rainbow Cat" and image of painted ceramic cat.

Rainbow Cat Book: Emerging Reader

Creating simple emerging reader books about real items that a preschooler is familiar with and motivated by!
Cover of the Farm Vehicles book with a dump truck and text, "Farm Vehicles by Stephanie Bissonette"

Farm Vehicles Book

Have a student who is interested in tractors and big equipment?
Image of a 3-story red barn and text, "Farm Buildings"

Farm Buildings Book

Down on the farm resources!
Screenshot of video: Graphic, "The Kindergarten Sight Word Dance Song" and Sight Word Lesson.

Kindergarten and First Grade Sight Words Lesson

Here is an engaging sight word lesson that can be done in class or remotely!
Ballyland Magic Plus logo and text, "Ballyland Magic Plus Split Tap Gesture!"

Ballyland Magic Plus App: VoiceOver Gestures

Just released, this app now includes the split tap gesture!
Screenshot of Baby Zoo Animals video book displaying elephant page with teacher signing in small window.

Remote Instruction: Emerging Reader who is Deaf-Blind

Looking for fun literacy activities that can be taught remotely?
Cartoon hand with pointer finger and text, "Apps that Teach VoiceOver Gestures"

Apps That Teach VoiceOver Gestures

Introducing VoiceOver to students? Check out these VoiceOver gesture teaching strategies and apps!
Photo of Victor sitting in a car drawing a campus map using the Sensational BlackBoard tactile drawing tool.

Concept Development: Drawing

Why do students who are visually impaired need to be able to draw items for educational purposes?
Cartoon astronaut character and text, "APH's CodeQuest - a coding concept app - is in the App Store!"

CodeQuest: A Free APH App!

Travel through space with this fully accessible exhilarating coding concept app!
Coverof the Vegetables book with pepper, zucchini, and carrots with the text “Vegetables” and red speaker icon.

Adapted Books for Student with CVI: Fruits and Vegetables

Check out these two books: Fruits and Vegetables
Black background with red bubbled words, "Creating CVI-Friendly Videos"

Creating CVI-Friendly Videos using PowerPoint

Quick and easy method to create CVI-friendly videos using PowerPoint and two free web applications.
Screenshot of video: "How to Scale up Students' Digital Literacy Skills, Ting Siu, TVI/COMS, Ph.d" and headshot of Dr. Ting.

How to Scale Up Students' Digital Literacy Skills

When and how should we introduce young students with visual impairments to technology?
Cover page of ABC's of iOS: A VoiceOver Manual for Toddlers and Beyond! a collaboration between Diane Brauner & CNIB Foundation.

ABC's of iOS: A VoiceOver Manual for Toddlers and Beyond!

This manual will help you introduce iOS technology and VoiceOver to 3 to 8 year old students!
Image of young girl playing Ballyland Keyboarding computer game, Sonokids Ballyland logo, and text, "Special offer!"

Ballyland Keyboarding Software: Special Offer!

Sonokids is offering a COVID-19 discount to the Paths to Technology Community!