Microsoft's 10 tips to make your classroom more accessible

Screenshot from video. "Module 1: Creating accessible classroom content in Office 365"

The Microsoft Education Team shares their 10 tips - geared for educators - on how to make Office 365 materials accessible. Do you know how to convert printed materials to digital materials? Do you know how to use accessibility checker to help make your documents fully accessible? Do your students know how to use Research to find and cite research materials? Step-by-step videos walk you through Microsoft's top accessibility tips.

10 Tips

  1. Understand why accessible content matters.
  2. Create well-structured content in Word.
    • Includes Headers and Researcher
  3. Create content that is clear, concise and accessibility checked.
    • Includes Alt Text and Accessibility Checker
  4. Make PowerPoint slides easy to navigate.
  5. Convey information in multiple formats with PowerPoint.
  6. Use templates to insure sufficient font size and color contrast.
  7. Digitize content with Office Lens.
  8. Update existing content with OneNote and OneNote Class Notebook.
  9. Create live content with Skype and Skype Translator.
  10. Take the training on Microsoft Educator community & share you stories.

To read the full article and view the videos, go to 10 Tips to make your classroom more accessible.