Getting Started with SAS and SAS Graphics Accelerator

With the SAS Graphics Accelerator, sonification is used to present a histogram accessible for users with visual impairments.

Our classrooms are using online educational materials.  How can your student with visual impairments or blindness access these same digital charts and graphs?  How can blind college students and blind professionals access digital data visualizations?  SAS, the leader in analytics software, has a solution!  

The SAS Graphics Accelerator transforms graphs and charts into sound, enabling students and adults with visual impairments and blindness to quickly glean information from charts and graphs.  For basic information about this new technology, go to the SAS Graphics Accelerator press release.

The SAS University Edition is a free product that enables students and educators access to the same statistical analysis software that is used by businesses and universities worldwide. 

Getting Started 

SAS University Edition: Quick Start Guide for Students with Visual Impairments: The SAS University Edition is free SAS software for teaching and learning statistics and quantitative methods. This guide is designed specifically for students who use screen readers. The guide is also beneficial for educators and for university disabilities support staff.  For more information, go to SAS University Edition.

The tutorial video below demonstrates how users with visual impairments can interact, explore and glean data using SAS Graphics Accelerator.

Want to try the sample charts that are shown in the video?  Go to SAS Graphics Accelerator Samples.

Download SAS Graphics Accelerator: Chrome Web Store

Download SAS Graphics Accelerator: Mozilla Firefox Store (coming soon)

Collage of histogram