Creating Digital Math Worksheets that can be Accessed on iOS Devices

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Learn how to create digital math worksheets that your students can access on an IOS device (iPad, iPhone, etc.) using the VoiceOver screen reader. You will need the following tools:

IBooks Author is an authoring tool that works very similarly to mainstream word processing software.  It can be downloaded onto any iMac or MacBook through the AppStore free of charge.  MathType is an equation editor that can be downloaded and purchased directly from the Design Science web site. Daum equation editor is an equation editor that is free—it can either be used as a Google App or it can also be downloaded to your Mac from the AppStore.  Once you have downloaded and Installed MathType, it will automatically be integrated into iBooks Author.  On the other hand, Daum will require you to cut and paste your equations. 

Creating Your Worksheet

Now you are ready to start creating content with accessible text AND mathematics.  The video below will walk you through the process from start to finish—including how to to save and share it with someone else.  The final outcome of this process will produce an iBook for the consumer.  The iBook, which contains the needed embedded code for the mathematics, can then be emailed via link you acquire from DropBox or another cloud sharing system.

For a more in-depth look at how to change your preferences depending on whether you are using MathType or Daum, as well as to see how to enter and edit more complex expressions, check out the following videos.  The Daum video also includes steps for getting the Daum Equation Editor in case you are not familiar with using Google Apps.  Once again, if you go this route, please remember you will need to use Google Chrome.

Known Issues and Student Access

One advantage for students accessing material on an IOS Device is that both Nemeth with Text and UEB are supported. Also, students can easily switch between Nemeth and UEB via the Accessibility Settings for VoiceOver.  However, there is currently some issues that could cause discontinuity for your students.  If a student tries to navigate word by word you can only read text or math expressions—not text AND math expressions.  Also, if the student  chooses to “Zoom In” on an equation to look at its different terms, then when the student goes back to the text, the cursor reverts back to the “Library” button which means the student will have to navigate back through the entire worksheet to their last known position. This may not create a huge problem for a simple worksheet, but for in-line or text material, it could be very difficult to understand. 

Suggested Student Access/Tools for iBooks

  • IOS Device
  • a Supported Braille Display
  • Nemeth and UEB supported

For more information on how students can access this information, please see the Paths to Technology post, How to Read Math Equations Using VoiceOver on IOS Devices.