Digital Transitions

Educators and publishers are working to resolve new issues as our classrooms transition to digital learning environments. Digital Transitions is a resource to help educators to provide feedback and to keep current on evolving transition topics. The current transition topics are: how to convert and create digital materials; information about online assessments; accessible online and digital materials resources; and, the transition to UEB braille code.

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Hands holding a tablet in front of man presenting. Text: "From a Distance Part 1" and "take a picture it lasts longer."

From a Distance Part 1: Take a Picture, It Lasts Longer

This article is the first in a three-part series featuring ways for students to access classroom materials at a distance.
Graphic: Creating Inclusive and Accessible video lectures for visually impaired audiences.

Creating Inclusive and Accessible Video Lectures for Visually Impaired Audiences

How to describe video lectures for audience member who are blind or that have low vision to ensure that all important details are included in the video.
Photo of hands holding an iPad with text, "Assistive Technology Scope and Sequence Chart"

AT Technology Skills Scope and Sequence: iPad

Need help aligning assistive tech skills to the national technology standards for elementary students who use a screen reader?
Graphic "Technology Competences for college-ready students with visual impairments. Are you ready for college?"

Technology Competencies for College-Ready Students with Visual Impairments

Learn what tech skills should be mastered in K-12 in order to flourish in college and/or the work place!
Blackboard Ally logo

Blackboard Ally: Make your Learning Management System (LMS) accessible!

This accessibility tool integrates seamlessly with your Learning Management System!
Graphic: How to make classroom videos easier to see.

How to Make Classroom Videos Easier to See

Make videos and movies easier to see for students with visual impairments with these tips.
Screenshot of Multiply by 10 practice worksheet and text, "Digitally-Accessible Math Worksheets"

Digitally Accessible Math Worksheets

Accessible math worksheets for the digital classroom - includes step-by-step instructions on how to access these worksheets!
Screenshot of tactile graphic with four different sizes of Sim Braille with text, "Adding Braille font to an iPad".

Creating Digital Images Part 2A: Braille Font and GoodNotes App

You can add Braille Font to your iOS device - including importing braille font to apps like GoodNotes!
Photo of PIAF machine with the P coloring page being embossed and text, "Creating Tactile Graphics: Tips for Embossing"

Creating Tactile Graphic Images Part 3: Tips for Embossing

Helpful tips for embossing using a tactile graphics machine.
Screenshot of a print image created with GoodNotes and sim braille for a tactile graphics machine.

Creating Digital Images Part 2: 3 Braille Tips

How to quickly create tactile iPad overlays using a tactile graphics machine, how to add sim braille, and how to add print and braille.