Zoom-Zoom: How to Magnify Zoom Chat on a Chromebook

During remote learning, many students are using Chromebooks to access virtual classes. A question that frequently comes up, is how to magnify the “chat” textbox in a Zoom meeting. In a conference call/video meeting platform, “chat” is a way to converse with all participants or an individual via text messages. The text in the chat box is typically small, making it challenging for students with low vision to read. TVI Jessica, created and shared a video tutorial on ways to quickly magnify the chat text. She initially created this resource as a lesson for her students and has shared this with her parents of young students. Below are her written directions:

The typical way of zooming, Control + (plus), does not work in a Zoom meeting.

Control Shift + (plus) does magnify some but often is not enough for students with visual impairments.

Using Full Screen Magnifier allows for enlarging to the preferred level.

  • In Settings, find Advanced and then Accessibility and toggle on Full Screen Magnifier. Hold down Control + Alt and then using two fingers on the trackpad, push away/towards you to zoom in/out. 

Using the trackpad can be challenging to control the zoom level. Another option is to use Control + Alt and the Screen Brightness Minimize and Maximize keys that are located above the number keys.

  • Hold down Control + Alt and then tap Maximize Screen Brightness or Minimize Screen Brightness to zoom in or out.
  • Place your cursor over the chat where you want to magnify and use Control + Alt and the Screen Brightness keys - this allows you to quickly zoom in on what you want to read and then easily zoom back out again.

The video below demonstrates ways to zoom the Chromebook screen and to magnify the chat portion on a Zoom virtual meeting.