Why Use a Digital Format Instead of Paper

StudentAuthor: OP Assassin

Why Use a Digital Format Instead of Paper:

As a low vision student using a digital format is easier to use than paper. To start, a digital format is more flexible to use like to present in a Zoom meeting, while also being able to copy any worksheet you please. To add on, you can also convert your handwriting into text, which can clear up the page and make it easier to read. About reading, you can also make the worksheet as you need to read it as efficiently as possible. For example, you can zoom in, use text to speech, highlight at will to make it easier for you. Finally, since it’s so easy it causes less eye strain so you can work longer, and faster.     

You don’t need low vision to use a digital format, anyone can use it. Firstly, when you're doing work on paper and you have to export it online it would look like a bad photo, but if it’s online already it looks more professional. Also, it keeps your work more organised, like there’s this one person who doesn’t use a digital format might carry around a stack of papers while you would just need a laptop. Finally, you can access any of your work from any device, like your phone can be used for a quick reference on the go, and your laptop/tablet for more filling out the worksheets by typing or using a stylus such as an Apple Pencil.

In conclusion digital format is good anywhere and should not just be for COVID work, but also when that’s over so you can still use the benefits of a digital format for in person work. 

 Why Did I Make This Video

To show people how to use this easy format to make life easier. And in this video you’ll see how easy digital format is to get and fill out a worksheet and export it to google drive.

How to Turn Worksheets into a Digital Format Video Tutorial