WebAIM Screen Reader Survey #8

Accessing the web is a critical component in today's classroom. WebAIM's goal is to help make the web more accessible to individuals with disabilities by building a community of developers, web masters, individuals with disabilities, and others. Beginning in 2008, WebAIM has conducted annual Screen Reader Surveys. These surveys collect new information and track updates/trends and the results help inform development choices for those creating accessible web content and standards.

WebAIM Screen Reader Survey #8 is open now through September 13, 2019. There are 33 brief questions that will take approximately 10 - 15 minutes to complete. The survey is intended to completed by persons with a disability who use a screen reader; there is not a minimum age requirement.

Why is it important for STUDENTS to fill out the survey?

Students often have different tech-related needs than adults and may use different devices, especially young students. Students visit different types of websites (often educational websites and online assessments); these websites may have different accessibility issues than websites frequently visited by adults. Various educational content - such as math, science or computer science - may have more challenging accessibility-related issues than websites with standard text content. 

Adults with vision impairments are advocating for accessible websites and designs. Who is advocating on behalf of the students?  Self-Advocacy is a critical, life-long skill; this survey is a simple way for your student to learn about advocacy and to share his/her input about the accessibility of educational websites. How will students hear about this survey if they are not connected with the adult VI community? Educators, please spread the word - take a few minutes and invite your students to take this survey. 

For more information about the survey and to take the survey, go to WebAIM's website, Screen Reader User Survey #8.


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