Using the PixPro SL10 Distance Camera with a Smart Device in Class

When approaching the board is not as convenient during assignments where there is continuous information being provided during instruction, there is a need for an alternative.  

One day while updating Matt Connect devices, my supervisor informed me that PixPro SL10 cameras could be connected to iPads. Of course, my curiosity got the best of me and I immediately looked into the device’s manual, went to the iTunes app store, and downloaded the PIXPRO Remote Viewer app (also available on Android). When the app was downloaded, I followed the following steps to connect the camera to the iPad.  

  1. Power the camera on.
  2. Enable Wi-Fi to search for PIXPRO-SL10_XXXX (the X’s represent the devices model number).  Once selected, enter the password 12345678 to connect.
  3. Open the PIXPRO Remote Viewer app.
  4. Tap on the small plus sign inside a circle icon toward the lower half of the smart device’s screen.
  5. Use the camera to locate and zoom into information at a distance.

Here is a demo of how to use the PIXPRO Remote View app and Camera:


Use a small camera stand with the PIXPRO to ensure stability.  Here is a sample stand that can be used as it is small enough to fit on a table. 

Table Top Tripod 

Make sure to use a Micro USB card to store photos and/or videos.

Micro SD Card 

Make sure to use the camera on a flat surface so as to get a good balanced view and keep the camera safe from falling over.

Store the camera in a pouch such as the one that is made for the camera lens.

Lens Case 

If you have any helpful tips for using distance cameras, or if you have any suggestions for apps and devices, please leave a comment below!