Using iPad, Stylus and Mac to create Tactile Graphics

In honor of National Reading Day, Jessica McDowell quickly created tactile images with braille to help her student better understand the Dr. Seuss story and for social interactions with peers as they discuss the book.

With Jessica's student, Reading Buddies - older students who come in to read to younger students - can use the tactile graphics as a conversation starter. The older 5th grader talks about the tactile images and her student asks tons of questions. The goal is not for the student to interpret the picture independently, it becomes a shared reference and certain features can be pointed out and recognized like the fox's bushy tail or the strands of straw in a broom. The graphics become the starting point for building background knowledge, previewing story and “priming the pump.” The graphics also give others an opening to discuss the story with the student creating a positive reading experience.

3 Dr. Seuess books in braille with tactile graphics

In the video below, Jessica describes the workflow on how she quickly creates tactile images using her her iPad with stylus, Good Notes, and Adobe Fill & sign. On her Mac, she uses Braille Writer Student and Notes app which is synced to the iPad. Jessica said in the future she wants to try using the Braille Sim Font on the iPad making it a one-device process. Video transcript available here.