Types of Technology I Use to Help with My Schooling

When I was 9, I started looking to technology to help me with my schooling. I have had the opportunity to work with an array of products from Samsung, HP, and Apple. Being able to take advantage of these different products has allowed me to figure out what works best for a classroom situation and traveling abroad. In this post, I am going to tell you everything I use, and how I use them. 

As a homeschooled student, I have the ability to accommodate for myself with technology I have here at home. My main tool that I use for most of my classes would be my Windows PC. When typing up documents or doing Spanish through Rosetta Stone, I will use the built-in magnifier. Typically, I leave the setting of the magnifier at 200%. Some of my courses come in a digital format which is great for getting work done. With the digital format, my computer is able to read a document, site, or book with the built-in narrator. 

Probably, for everyday tasks, I will use my iPhone 6. The large display allows me to get more content on a screen and navigate more easily. When going to places such as restaurants, menu boards are typically hard to see. To solve this predicament, I snap a picture of the menu board and then zoom in on the image. It also allows me to access email, texts, and social media in a more accessible way, whether it be through zoom or the built-in screen reader. 

How do I accommodate for myself with text books, you may ask? To do this I use units call CCTVs (Closed Circuit Television). I use two types of these devices, one being large and clunky, while the other one can be held in the palm of my hand. 

Being able to use an array of devices has allowed me to excel at what I want to accomplish. So, what do you use to accommodate for yourself? Do you use some of the same tech as I do? Maybe you use a magnifiers, a scope, or a refreshable braille display.


Posted by VictorFeb 19, 2016

Hi my name is Victor I am currently 13 years old. I use different types of technology. I started using technology when i was in third grade. The first thing I used was the Acrobat which looks like a 19 inch monitor but in front it has a camera. To use this device I point the camera at a board or paper then I can zoom into the picture or text and look at my assignments. In fifth grade I started using an iPad with a Refreshable braille display only in science class because I was learning how to use the IPad and Science has lots of diagrams and pictured information. A Refreshable braille display is a device that makes braille on the display so if i were to type a document I would be able to read it with the Refreshable braille display. I can also use it to type text on the display using the six keys on the device which converse the braille into print words. In seventh grade I started using a Keyboard with my iPad. The keyboard helped me do more with the iPad like turn in assignments faster through email. It became easier to type and listen to the teacher. Most of the time I only use the Refreshable braille display at home and use the keyboard at school. I always use my iPad for school in reading, social studies, and science it helps me find good information to help me understand the topic. I also use the iPad to do some tests like vocabulary and matching the word with definition. I also use a laptop at home to see some assignments that are small or that have pictures. My computer comes with a built screen reader the laptop is a lenovo with windows 10.

Posted by Jpg iTechFeb 19, 2016

It's interesting to hear what tools other people work with. I have a Mac laptop and use the zoom feature and also like to snap pictures with my iPhone 6s Plus so I can enlarge when I'm trying to read. I use dictation with my iPhone iPad and iMac. I use dictation for the following things:

  • Searching the web
  • Writing emails and texts
  • Assignments for school
  • I also use Siri all the time to send texts and emails

Posted by John FarinaFeb 19, 2016

Hello, My name is John Farina and I am an instructor in assistive technology in Albany NY. It is interesting to hear the good things that you all are doing with technology for school and other parts of your lives. When working with students, because I am blind also, I try to show them that if you put the effort in to learning this technology it will eventually be your friend and make life a bit easier. In addition, it helps you folks feel more cool like your classmates, especially when using tablets such as the iPad. Do any of you use gps apps when traveling?

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