Trivia Educational Games on Alexa and Google Assistant

Free trivia games are available through Amazon's Alexa or Google Assistant. Once the game is initially enabled through the link below, simply ask Alexa or Google to open the game to begin playing. Game questions are announced by the device and students say their answers.  These games are interactive, fast and fun - even better, these games are free!

Game Examples

  • O&M Trivia: Learn and reinforce Orientation and Mobility knowledge: questions about cardinal directions, cane techniques, landmarks and more. Created by APH, O&M Trivia has various levels and can be played by one to three players. Scores are calculated automatically.
  • Math Flash Trivia: Solve addition, subtraction, division and multiplication created by APH.
  • Braille Challenge: Test your knowledge of the English Braille Code! Created by iAccessibility.

Popular Blind Podcasts

  • Blind Abilities: Blind Abilities podcasts bring you the latest news and information related to visual impairments and blindness.When activiating Blind Abilities, the most recent podcast will be offered.
  • Blind Side Podcast: Examine the world from the blind side of things.
  • Blind Spot: Updates from blindness community, assistive technology tips, etc.

Mainstream Games

Don't forget about mainstream Alexa games for kids! Amazon links and game descriptions for kids and Google Assistant links and game descriptions. Note: Always preview games to see if they are age-appropriate for your student!

Note: There are more blind-related podcasts and educational games. Please share your favorites below in the comment section!