Technology-themed stories for elementary students

Students love everything about technology - and they can quickly become tech-obsessed. Students (and adults!) can't resist one more scroll down, one more video clip, one more video game, and one more text. As educators, how can we facilitate open honest discussions about when and how to use technology? Here is a list of books and corresponding videos to jump-start these discussions.These books use adorable characters to poke fun at our plugged-in lives as these books cover real-life issues.

Educators can incorporate these tech-related stories into the classroom by:

  • Read Aloud to the class during story time
  • Have students read the stories themselves (print, braille, digital format, accessible digital format*)
  • Free online video books such as Youtube video books

*Note: Many digital picture book formats are not accessible with a screen reader. (Example: If You Give a Mouse an iPhone in iBooks is not accessible with VoiceOver because the book pages are images, not text.) Check Bookshare and other digital options. Currently, three of these books are available in Bookshare (see details below).


If You Give a Mouse an iPhone by Ann Droyd, cover; Cartoon image of a mouse tapping away on a phone & boy juggling a plateful of cookies

Goodnight iPad by Ann Droyd, cover. Nighttime room full of plugged in tech and wires everywhere.

What does it mean to be safe? by Rana DiOrio, cover. Boy sitting inside at a computer with a thoughtful look & friends playing outside his window.

  • The Technology Tail: A Digital Footprint Story (digital trails) Amazon book

The Technology Tail: A Digital Footprint Story by Julia Cook, cover. Girl with a long tail behind her with wrapped presents & items on the tail.

  • Internet Sleuths (safety: protect your identify) Amazon book

The Internet Sleuths by A. M. Marcus, cover. A small cartoon boy & girl sitting on a tablet that is in front of a Christmas tree.

But I Read it on the Internet! by Toni Buzzeo, cover. Cartoon teacher at a computer in an active discussion with her class.

  • The Bernstain Bears Computer Trouble (tech in moderation/internet safety) Amazon book, Bookshare (book is available in DAISY text, audio, BRF, RTF and EPUB formats. Image descriptions are available in the .BRF file only), iOS interactive book app (by Ocean House)

The Berenstain Bears Computer Trouble by Jan and Mike Berenstain, cover. Mama & papa bear look confused while three baby bears sitting in front of their computers.

  • Bully (cyber-bullying) Amazon Book, Bookshare (book is complete and has image descriptions in the .BRF file)

Bully by Patricia Polacco, cover. One unhappy girl standing in front of three mean girls who are talking about her.

Cell Phone by Julia Cook and Anita DuFalla, cover. Face of a cartoon girl; in the background, three images of her being becoming the face inside the cell phone.

  • Webster's Friend, Webster's Email, Webster's Manners and Webster Bedtime (digital series) Amazon book

4 book series: Webster's Email, Webster's manners, Webster's bedtime, Webster's friend by Hannah Whaley, covers. Webster is a cartoon spider.

Once Upon a Time. . . online: Happily Ever After is Only One Click Away by David Bedford, cover.Little Red Riding Hood and a wolf are sitting with tech in front of Jack in the Beanstalk's vine.

Ten the Modern Cave Boy by Patrick McDonnell, cover. Cartoon cave boy madly typing away on phone with dinosaurs in the background.

Dot by Randi Zuckerberg, cover. Spunky cartoon girl wearing a flowing polkadot dress holding a tablet with her scruffy dog sitting behind her.

Dot has a wonderful series of brief videos (Do's and Dots) about using tech. (Dot: Ask for Permission, Dot: Use Clean Hands, Dot: Volume Control, Dot Technical Difficulties, and Dot: Time's Up. Catch Dot is an original TV series on Sprout. View the series trailer video here.

When Charlie McButton Lost Power by Suzanne Collins, cover; Cartoon image of boy screaming and pulling his hair out, dog barking, in a messy computer room.

  • Goodnight Selfie (using tech responsibly) Amazon book, Bookshare (no images or image descriptions)

Goodnight Selfie by Scott Menchin, cover; cartoon girl with huge smile using her phone to take a selfie.


Thank you, The Techie Teacher, for compiling this list of books! For more information, go to her Top 10 List of Technology Themed Books.

Be sure to look at The Techie Teacher's activities  - Incorporating Fairy Tale Elements with Technology in the Classroom - that accompany the book, Once Upon a Time Online.


  • Do you know other books about using technology that can be adde to this list? 
  • In the comment section below, please share YOUR activities and links to quality Read Aloud Books that correspond with using tech responsibly.


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