AT Technology Skills Scope and Sequence: Tech Lessons 3

These blog links support the AT Technology Skills Scope and Sequence Chart for K-5 students using an iPad with VoiceOver. The AT Technology Skills Scope and Sequence Chart has been aligned with the elementary school portion of the Common Core State Standards K-12 Technology Skills Scope and Sequence.

The AT Scope and Sequence for K-5  is broken down into these areas:

This post, Tech Lessons 3, will focus on supplemental resources for Spreadsheet (Tables, Charts and Graphs). On the iPad, there are two commonly used spreadsheet apps: Google Sheets or Apple's Numbers.

The numbers beside the links to these lessons/strategies posts represent a specific AT Scope and Sequence Skill. This document lists the third skill area called Spreadsheet (Tables, Charts and Graphs). Some skills (such as Using Mathematical Symbols) may not have associated posts. Some posts will fall under multiple areas and may be repeated in this document. This is a living document, meaning that new links will be available as more posts are published.

Skill #1: Demonstrate an understanding of the spreadsheet as a tool to record, organize and graph information.

Skill #2: Identify and explain terms and concepts related to spreadsheets (i.e. cell, column, row, values, labels, chart, graph)

  • Be exposed to pre-requisite skills: Rows, columns and simple grids (tactile then tactile paired with digital)
  • Be exposed to and create tactile charts and graphs (Introduce in K)
  • Transition from tactile charts and graphs to digital charts and graphs (Introduce in K)
  • Use BTK and braille display commands to navigate by row or column (Introduce in 1st)

Resources for Skill #2

Pre-requisite skills and strategies:

Apps that incorporate rows, grids, and/or tables:

Creating accessible grids and tables:

Skill #3: Enter/Edit data in spreadsheets and perform calculations using formulas

Skill #4: Use mathematical symbols e.g. + add, - minus, * multiply, / divide, ^ exponents

Skill #5: Use spreadsheets and other applications to make predictions, solve problems and draw conclusions