Tasks According to iPad app for Students with Visual Impairments

Recently one of my high school students who uses the iPad primarily to access most of the general education curriculum asked me to teach her how to determine the best app to complete different tasks.  Her questions really made me wonder if as a Teacher of the Visually Impaired with a vision of teaching my students how to live in a 21st century world, if I needed to better prepare them on how to embed their independence skills with their assistive technology skills in a new way.  

Almost all of my students know how to use Voice Over and Zoom to navigate the iOS hardware, Notebook app and other iOS based apps.   However, if I were to ask them to "find the app where they can store their notes in The Cloud," I hear crickets.

In order to help hold me accountable to this need for my students to learn how to live a sighted world, my students needed to learn how to access the cloud, annotate PDFs, read books using iBooks on their iPads, enter dates on their iCalendars, etc. while using Voice Over/Zoom to support their visual need .  In order to teach them, I wrote a corresponding IEP goal for my students and created a skills check list to me take data.  

The IEP Goal to for this Goal reads as follows:

When given an iPad and a task for completing school or community related tasks, STUDENT will increase assistive technology skills by choosing an appropriate App for task achievement demonstrating 8/10 criteria on 3 consecutively trials documented on a checklist created by the Teacher of the Visually Impaired on a monthly basis.

Download the AppTask data sheet here.

Screenshot of AppTask Data sheet. See attachment for accessible version.



Posted by Diane BraunerApr 23, 2018

This is a great checklist! I'd like to add a task:

"Use an OCR app to convert a print worksheet to a digital worksheet/KNFB Reader" (or student's favorite OCR app)

How about a tasks for PowerPoint/Keynote Presentation, spreadsheets, how to create a chart/graph or is that too specific?