Talking Wand

The world is filled with written word. I discovered this awesome tool to help my students bring words to voice with the touch of a wand. The wand is used to create your own audio labels for any item with unlimited recording for each label. The wand uses voice prompt, allowing for easy use for the visually impaired.  It is sold on Amazon, and over the years I have found many ways to use this simple tool to enhance my student’s lives.

  1. Great Study Tool: Place label stickers on notecards with information for tests, example definitions, and key points. Place a sticker on one side with the word/question and on the other with the definition/answer.
  2. Agenda: Have the student place a sticker on the days of week in a written agenda and record the day’s homework and upcoming assignments.
  3. Daily Living Skills: Label items in a pantry or cabinet with the stickers, and each one can be found easily. The student can also use it to have reminders or chore lists on the refrigerator by attaching the sticker to a magnet.
  4. Independence: When filling out a work sheet, or journal, the student can record the response on a sticker; share it with the teacher or a peer.  The student can even Braille their response, and add a sticker with voice so teacher and peer can have access to information.
  5. Prereaders: Add stickers to written and braille alphabet flash cards, or pages of a board books.  Each label/sticker has bumpy edges, making it easy to locate for totally blind students.  This uses all the senses to enhance learning.  

The newest version of the wand now offers both Spanish and English labels.  I often record instructions for homework, and assignments.  My students enjoy hearing my voice, and I often add a little “flair” to keep it fun.  While the talking wand was designed to label items like medication, I have found it is a great tool for helping my students find independence. 

Reizen Talking Label Wand - Voice Labeling System on Amazon.

Directions on how to use the Reizen Talking Label Wand.