Talking Type iOS App: An Accessible Keyboarding App

Available with Quota Funds, Talking Typer is a game designed to teach keyboarding skills to students who are blind or low vision. Talking Typer for iOS is a typing and computer keyboard tutorial that comes with 35 default lessons. Teachers/parents can edit and create new lessons and can track student progress. Keyboard Explorer and Hurry Scurry typing games are also included. Talking Typer is accessible with VoiceOver and is self-voicing.  It works with iOS 9.1 and higher.

Note: Talking Typer is intended to be used with an iPad paired with a Bluetooth Keyboard.

Talking Typer for iOS is $4.99 in the app store and is available through Quota funds.

Editor's Update: Talking Typer iOS is now available in the App store

Check out the Talking Typer YouTube video below!

Technology Scope and Sequence

According to national technology standards, the following keyboarding skills are Introduced in Kindergarten, reinforced in first grade and mastered by second grade:

  • Use proper posture and ergonomics
  • Locate and use letter and number keys with left and right hand placement
  • Locate and use correct finger, hand for space bar, return/enter and shift key
  • Gain proficiency and speed in touch typing