Tactile Tech Labels: Microsoft's Surface Adaptive Kit

Having trouble identifying the right chord and/or lining up the chord to the port? Looking for additional tactile markers for critical keyboard keys?  Want to mark the buttons on your headphones? Having trouble physically opening the lid on your laptop? This innovative adaptive kit is a flexible set of tactile tools that have been designed to improve the usability and accessibility of tech devices. Created by Microsoft specifically for Surface laptops, these tactile markers can also be used on any device. 

Surface Adaptive Kit

The $15 kit comes with:

  • Bump Labels: 4 shapes and colors with a total of 16 labels
    • Used to identify buttons, keys, ports, chords, etc.

Photo of a Bump label (small solid circle) on the end cap of a charging chord (indicating the correct side up) and a matching Bump above the matching port.

  • Keycap Labels: 8 labels with lines, 3 arrows, and 1 circle
    • Used to identify specific keyboard keys
  • Port Labels: 5 pairs each a different color and texture
    • Each pair has a long piece that can be wrapped around the chord and a small matching piece that can mark the desired port.
    • Used to help identify and match cables and ports to your device.

Photo of a long label wrapped around a charging chord and the matching small label placed on the edge of the laptop by the desired port.

  • Opener Support: 2 pieces for two different methods of opening the laptop
    • Used to assist opening the laptop lid (for users with physical disabilities)
    • One piece has a loop that is attached to hang off the edge of the lid
    • Second piece has an option where a lanyard or wrist strap can be threaded through and used to pull open the lid







Posted by athompsonJan 05, 2022

I ordered and received a set in December. My students love these over traditional "bump dots" from other companies. They look and feel great and attach well to their devices. I'm going to have to have a couple packs on hand!

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