Switching Between Google Accounts using JAWS

Some students may use two Google accounts, one for personal email and another for school email. Here is how they can open two accounts and switch between the two.

If not signed in to any accounts, go to Google.com

  • Insert+F7

  • Press “s” or navigate to “Sign In”

  • Press Enter

From Sign-In Page

  • Focus should be in username edit box

    • Your username may have been remembered, in which case you will only need to input your password.

  • Type in email address

  • Tab to “Next” button

  • Press Spacebar

  • Focus should be in password edit box

  • Type in password

  • Tab to “Sign In” button, press spacebar

  • You should now be logged into one account

When/if signed into your account, log into your second account

  • Navigate to “Google account colon (your email address).”

    • This is the accounts button in the top right corner of the web page.

  • Press Spacebar

  • Tab to “Add Account” link

  • Press Spacebar

  • Use the Sign-In instructions above to sign into your second account

  • You should now be logged into two accounts

Switching between accounts

  • Navigate to “Google account colon (your email address).”

  • Press Spacebar

  • Tab to “Profile (name) (email address)...link graphic”

  • Press Spacebar

  • You should have switched to the other account


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