Story Time From Space

While in space on the International Space Station, astronauts read space-themed books and share glimpses of their life on the space station. There are currently 26 videos that range from easy reading books to the chapter book, Ada Lace, Take Me to Your Leader which is broken into three videos. The 26 videos run from about 8 minutes to 20 minutes.

In the video below, astronaut Serena M. Aunon-Chancellor reads "If I was an Astronaut". Dr. Serena Aunon served as a Flight Engineer on the International Space Station for Expeditions 56 and 57. Dr. Aunon is board certified in Internal and Aerospace medicine. 


Learn more about Dr. Serena Aunon-Chancellor here. There are numerous videos (Smithsonian, NASA, etc.) about Dr. Serena Aunon-Chancellor available on YouTube. Check her out!

Find the full list of 26 Story Time from Space videos on YouTube or visit the Story Time from Space website and select Story Time Videos. Note: If using a screen reader, it may be easier to select and play the desired story from the YouTube channel.

Student Activities?

TVI's, do you have a student who is interested in space? Or are you looking for science activities? Consider assigning a Story Time from Space book. Ask the student to research about the International Space Station, a specific astronaut, or something from the video that interests your student. (Example: In the "If I were on Astronaut" video, there is a quick introduction to space walks, space suits, and the air lock section of the space station. Encourage the student to write a paragraph or story from the prompt, "If I were an on astronaut . . ." 

Science Time Videos

The Story time from Space website also includes some Science Time Videos - there are currently science-related space-themed videos:

  • Free Fall Part 1
  • Free Fall Part 2 
  • Why so Fast?
  • Astronaut Height. 

The videos are not audio described; however, the astronauts do explain quite a lot of what is happening in the video.

A curriculum is also being developed with activities for K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12 and will be available for purchase.