Speak Screen

Editor's Note: Speak Screen is an excellent accessibility feature for users with low vision, tired eyes, when in dim light, or simply when you want to have your hands-free! Speak Screen is designed to simply read the text out loud, without changing any gestures. (Screen readers require different and additional gestures, which initially can be confusing for users who are not familiar with a screen reader.) Having trouble reading a text message with its small print size? Too much glare on your phone or tablet - especially when you are wearing sunglasses? Struggliing with eye fatigue after a long day? Want to listen to that long email or a chapter in a book while cooking supper? No problem, Simply use two-fingers and swipe down and the message is read aloud! Speak Screen is a great tool to introduced low vision students to listening skills, especially those students who are resistent to learning a screen reader!

This feature is not the full, robust version of a screen reader. With a simple gesture, speak Screen only reads the text on the screen. It does not read buttons or other featues.

Speak Screen is another voice option that came out with the iOS8, but its only for low vision. I prefer VoiceOver better, but this is another option.



Posted by PennyRAug 09, 2016

Kaleigh, this video was well done and helped me learn about a feature in iOS I did not know about. I will share it with others.  Thanks for taking the time to demonstrate it.